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by qwerpy

Hello, I hope I am posting in the right forum with this question?

I purchaced a Tune mag 190 ( +mig70) wheel set from Starbike in late 2006.
For 'gentle' city riding, to and from work.

The drive side end cap has since cracked. Not sure why? But a tiny section of it has fallen off. I am slightly worried when going around corners and so i need to repair it and get a new freehub body too.

I emailed starbike. They said to contact poshbikes in the UK for a new drive side end cap. Poshbikes unfortunately are not keen to sell me one ( Only a few left on the shelf, which the man at posh bikes wants to keep for his own customers) He tells me to email , then he tells me to ring him, then he tells me to email again, then he does not reply. I am not sure who I am speaking to as he will not give me his name. I was repeatedly fobed off, and told that I might as well buy a new wheel from him. I am as polite as can be, so maybe that is my problem?

I paid allot of money for a wheel set that is modular and 'repairable', not just something to throw away. it was to last me 10 years of city commuting.

Can someone point me in the direction of a shop that might help?
I do not mind shiping out of the UK if i have too, to get some service.

thanks : )

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by jooo

Have you actually tried to contact Tune?

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by qwerpy

Hello, first I contacted starbike, they put me through to tune servicing department and then they said to contact UK supplier poshbikes.

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Frankie - B
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by Frankie - B


I had some sort of the same issue with my tune freehub. Since there was no importer for tune in The Netherlands back then i called tune directly.
Of course they told me to go through starbike first. I then explained them that that would be quite a long jouney for such a part and that i would like to deal with them. After some deliberation they agreed and sent me the part.

Short: call them, explain the situation, be friendly and stand your ground. They are friendly and give good customer service.

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Zen Cyclery
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by Zen Cyclery

This is a bummer that the builder isn't responding. If you have run out of options, maybe try Fairwheel Bikes out of Arizona, USA. They may be able to help you out (or at least point you in the right direction).


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by Ypsylon

That's what sometimes happens with buying from abroad and distributors get involved. I'm not saying you had it coming, not at all, just that you have to be patient and try and understand the situation.

I don't know exactly what happened here, but it might be that Starbike is not supposed to sell you spare parts to the UK while complete wheels are ok, or after they sold you the wheels the agreement changed.

To me there is no reason to believe someone is taking advantage of you here, the situation is just a little more complicated than it usually is.

I imagine going to Tune directly is your best bet. They are great folks and if they can they will either provide the spare part either to you or Poshbikes.
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by socratease

Worst case: have something turned @ a machine shop.

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by qwerpy

i emailed starbike and showed them my new pictures with the new freehub I installed, about a week ago, they replied quickly and so did tune service almost on the same day.
I've never had a problem with starbike, its just I was told to go to poshbikes. shame really.
its more postage from germany but at least i can rest assured.

so really my forum subject is misleading. it wasnt a starbike problem,as they are sending a new end cap in the post, 20 euro which is good ,as the postage is usually 15 Euro : )

thanks for all your support. : )

p.s i forgot to mention Tune service were busy on a show of some sort, hence they had a back log of emails. ( no auto-responder set up) i was worried i had typed my message wrong and sounded to demanding. i thought i was being ignored. : / . But it's o.k now: )

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