Anyone go from 29er back to 26"?

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by FredBloggs

socratease wrote:For me they have different purposes. I don't feel as comfortable on my 29er on super technical descents as I did on my 26", possibly because I'm now on a 20# race bike, however, almost everything I ride up and down, I'm faster on.

The places where 26 suit me better are when there are hairy drops to be taken, as well as extremely rocky, ledgy, technical sections that require a lot of trials type maneuvers.

The next bike in the stable will probably be a stumpjumper evo with a lyric on it, maybe a blur lt or a nomad. I'll be using those to supplement the 29er.

I have found that I look harder now for rear tire characteristics. Specifically, where I ride, I'm looking for a much meatier front tire than rear tire, so I can skid the rear around corners. This at speed is typically faster than I used to take stuff.

My previous boss is the texas 40+ master's state champ. He switches between 29 hardtail and 26 full suspension depending on what he feels like. Wheel size don't keep him from winning.


Being vertically challenged :-) 5' 5", I found that I have had to go for a -20 stem to drop the front end to allow me to get my weight over the front. I have just bought a Stumpjumper Evo (26") and love it. Not something which you could race XC though due to the weight penalty.

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by SpeedyChix

I went from 26FS to 29HT. Missed the flickable nature of the the 26" and quick acceleration. Picked up a Carver96 and have run it 9/6, 9/B, B/B. That let me sort out my wheel size/handling prefs. (Happy to sell that frame if anyone wants an econo test sled).
What did I decide? To go to 27.5, it's the right size, handling, accelerating, etc. rig for me. Not going to 29 or 26 again. Liking it so much I may add a SS 27.5
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by marecej

boots2000 wrote:If there were any 650b full sus race bikes comparable to an Epic or Scalpel I would be all over it.
I am not down with hacking a 650b on my own.
I want the fork to be right, clearance to be optimized, and geometry also optimized for the different wheel size.

litespeed sewanee comes in 650b
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