Going 29'er but have some questions.

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by jooo

The aluminum arms are pretty much the same AFAIK (S1400/X7/X9) - apart from the decals but I think both of the ones shown are S1400. The X7/X9 seem to all be Truvativ branded. The carbons are XO...

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by 2002maniac

I think it is worth it to get the BB30 frame. You can run adapters and run your BSA cranks for now if you want. That 32t carbon spiderless sounds pretty sexy.

What frame are you considering? I've been racing a rigid 29er this past season and had a blast. Hard to go wrong with stans crest.

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by BmanX

The frame is on the way and I decided to go with a BSA frame instead of the BB30 frame. There are a ton of cranks out there for cheap and I do not have to buy a crankset for now if I do not want to. I can run my 32t spiderless crank set up or run my 44/30t extralite rings on the other cranks if I want to. A bit to big I know with the extralite rings but I will not be climbing any mountains.

Where I stuck right now is the wheels.

Two options

Find a nice set of 29er wheels for a good price which is the way I am leaning right now


Asia Carbon Clincher 29er wheelset for cheap on Ebay. I am not doing anything crazy on the build while riding other than hard pack trails and general riding around.

Also picked up some cheap XX disc brakes so now just need the wheels and life is good.

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by vfb

If you do go BB30 and can get them from the USA, S-Works is definitely the best value for money by far. $300 for one of the lightest set ups out there, much easier on the wallet than SiSL.

Where did you get that spiderless ring for your s-works crank?
Looks awesome :)


And BmanX sorry for hijacking your thread, hope it is ok!
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by xjbaylor

Most likely the spiderless rings came from homebrewedcomponents.com.

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by vfb

Found it! Thank you :thumbup:
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