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by bm0p700f

Another vote for Rock n roll lubes. It's I use in my shop.

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by the_marsbar

Colin wrote:I've always heard great things about Squirt, unfortunately I didn't have very much luck with it. After about 3 rides with it, my bike started this unbearable creak! Cleaned my drive train and lubed the chain with some Rock n Roll, and never had any more issues. Really wish I would have had better luck with it, I loved how clean it kept my drive train!

I always apply a bit before every ride, and I've not had the problem you describe. However, you do need to apply more often than wet lubes.

I've used Squirt when I didn't have any more White Lightning, I like both.

by Weenie

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by Gregorio

Along time ago, Pez suggested using Prolong engine treatment. I think he mentioned cutting it down with a chain lube. If you search, I am sure you can find those posts.
I mixed up a bottle of this and use it in the winters on my road bike. It is very wet here and they typically dump rock salt and sand on roads. It can be dirty but lubricates like nothing else.

Summer time I use b19 Boeshield.

I have found some lubes work better than others for different areas of the country. Is it sandy where you live? Hard packed dirt? Creek crossings?

Anyone know where you can purchase Gleitmo 582 ?

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by sstefanov

I have been using ProGold Prolink for may be 4-5 years now. I just wipe the chain, apply a drop on each link. Then wipe what is left just before my next ride. This way I get great clean and well lubricated chain with minimal effort. Works in the wet too, just have to apply the lube after every ride.

Never tried their newer product - ProLink Extreme, but it is supposed to last longer in the wet.


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by Cheers!

I too am a user of prolink gold. I use it for road and mountain. Wet or dry.

I use a park tool chain cleaner with bio solvent to clean the chain. Wipe it dry. Then apply prolink gold to each link, allow to dry overnight and rigorously rub the chain down the next day. I do this twice a season.

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