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fat tire
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by fat tire

I bought a new set of I9s, hubs and spokes, laced to stan's gold race rims. I only weight 155lbs. So I'm 20lbs under the weight limit. I have raced them 2 times. Both times the non drive side spokes come completely loose. They just flop around like Hugh Hefner. The dish of the wheel gets pulled toward the drive side. Luckily the rim has not been destroyed. Any suggestions on how to keep the spokes from coming loose. Im afraid loctite will allow me to never be able to true the wheel again without twisting the spoke which in turn will break.

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Zen Cyclery
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by Zen Cyclery

Did you build them yourself? If so, did you use spoke prep or linseed oil on the threads before inserting them into the nipples? Also, what did you lace the NDS tension up to in the first place?

fat tire
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by fat tire

No I did not build them up. They came built. There was some black looking substance on the threads. I think that is the spoke prep.
I took them to a good wheel builder here in town, and he retensioned them after the first time they came loose. So I'm not sure how much tension he put on them. He did say that he tensioned them to I9s specs. I will check and post what that number is tomorrow.

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by socratease

I've found that I9's spokes on lighter, flexier rims tend to detension easily. I relaced them using light threadlocker. Spokefreeze will work as well. Problem went away.

Be warned that breaking a spoke near the hub will be a pain in the ass.

fat tire
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by fat tire

So I talked to I9, and they said it is due to the flimsy nature of the rim. It flexes so much that the spokes work themselves loose. They said the lightest combo that works best is a Stans Gold Race on the front, and a Crest rim on the back.

They recommend linseed oil, and if the tire is mounted and you are using a Park tool tension meter then tighten the driveside spokes to 28. If the tire is off take the tension up to 29.

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by thisisatest

I'd say the linseed oil is not doing you any favors. If building them brand new, i would use a light oil, and dt spoke freeze after the build. If there were detensioning issues after that, i would give loctite 248 wax stick a shot instead, but it's probably overkill.
Flexy rim+stiff spokes= spokes going slack. Only option left is to lock em down (reasonably).

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by krzysiekmz

Best to blame it on a light flexy rim...

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by DavidR1

I have the same build as you and not had any problems. I9 does recommend re-tensioning after a few rides, which I did and haven't had issues since. I have multiple 100 mile races and many training miles on these wheels and weigh just a bit less then you.

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