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by ebsilon

Hi All :D

I need your help once again.

I am thinking about buying a Merlin XLM frame - if I can find one :?

But I am not so into MTB since I do 99,99 % of my training on the road.

I would like to know what frame size that would the best for me. I know that some of the answers would be try the frame and then decide. But that is not always easy.

My info are as follow:

Height 1819 mm

Inseam 885 mm

Arm L/R 720 mm

Torso 587 mm

I can see that there are some medium (M) and large (L) frames out there, and they have a seat tube length of 16,25" and 17,5".
But how are they measured?

Do they measure from:

1. center bottom bracket shell to the end of the seat tube


2. from center of the bottom bracket shell to the intersection of the top of the top tube and the centerline of the seat tube.

I know that Litespeed did measure from the center of the bottom bracket shell to the intersection of the top of the top tube and the centerline of the seat tube, and Litespeed and Merlin was under the same wings, right??

Looking forward to some answers - just can't wait :)


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by TheRookie

MT frames are all sized centre of BB to top of seat tube, if you see it state 'effective' size it will be to seat tube at junction of the top tube.

Sizing is a pain, I should ride a medium, but prefer a small! (5'10" and 32" inside leg - thats 177cm riding a 16")
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by michel2

there is an iphone app for that called
sizemybike and is surprisingly accurate i also think shops like wrenchsience have online size calculators.

bassed on the sizes you stated sizemybike give's us a saddle height of 777 mm and a frame size 497 mm with a top tube of 610 centimeters but in order to do a good calculation we need more measurements, but with saying that 19 inch sounds pretty good i think, my missus rdes a 17 gary fisher and she is 171 cm..

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