fast 29 tyres that fit well on a ztr rim

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by michel2

hi all,
i just finished building my new wheels using 29 ztr rims and im looking for a nice set of tyre that roll well and mount reasonable well,i would like to do a marathon with them so light but not the lightest, i had trouble with furios fred, to manny punctures with out stans.

it would be nice if there was a tyre between racing ralph and furios fred ???
has anybody here experiences with the tube light cobra tyre fom hutchinson ??
any other sugestions maybee geax ? ... s=5&pid=96

thanks mick

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by musk3t

Maxxis Aspen or Ikon.

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by Asymptotic

Rocket Ron sits between the furious red and racing ralph - but seems you dont want the higher profile treads. I recommend considering the Specialized Fast Track along with the Hutchinson and the Geax.

On a side note though, I do a lot of marathon racing and find the racing ralph to be the best solution to weight/rolling resistance and puncture resistance.
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by cycleforlife

racing ralphs all the way..

ikons second to that

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by grover

Hutchy Cobras are severely under rated. I adore them. A bit quicker than Racing Ralphs, some how work when it's a little wet and deceptively grippy. Perhaps a tad low on volume.

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by michel2

Hi grover,
tel us a bit more (-; i had a look atthe hutchinson website the mention a couple of different version's but only the weight of two different sizes 2.10 at 660 2.25 at 720 grams, 650 or less would be nice (-:

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by thisisatest

specialized renegades-like the furious fred but much more versatile imo. light, too.
to be clear, youre NOT using stans sealant? if so, why not?

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by digit3

Maxxis Aspens are quite fast and light. I like them for many situations but not so much for loose material and they are mediocre in greasy conditions. Hard pack I think that they cannot be beat.

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by 743power

Renegade 2bliss, ikon non Exo, or aspen.
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by Lawfarm

743power wrote:Renegade 2bliss, ikon non Exo, or aspen.

Why non-EXO? I have the EXOs, with Stans, and they rock. I haven't had any bubbling or other issues.

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by aspms

I'm really satisfied with Bonty XR0- last season on 26" and now on 29er. Fits easily on Crests and never had any trouble with punctures which can't be said about Freds :roll:

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