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by mattdsc

Hi All,

Brand new to the site so go easy!!

I really want to pimp the bike up a little and want to start with a seat post. I know of the KCNC Ti Pro Lite Scadium, but wondered what you would advise I should look at?

The bike is a Cannondale Rush so needs to be 27.2 x say 330-350 (no more).

Any advice would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance


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by limba

Rotor - sorta light, not too expensive, nice clamp, unusual but available at most stores.
New Ultimate - Light, expensive, not so easy to buy, not so great clamp?
MCFK - Crazy light, crazy expensive, hard to find, clamp?
Thomson Masterpiece - sorta light (upgradeable), not expensive as is, good clamp, buy anywhere you like.
Easton EC90 - Sorta light, find on sale online, ok clamp, available everywhere.

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by jooo

Syntace have a couple also. Not the lightest but a great clamping system, on par with Thomson IMO.

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by limba

Yup. Syntace makes nice stuff. You can get aluminum (P6) or full carbon (HiFlex) that's designed to flex a little. Both are nice.

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by FireSpitter

KCNC Ti Pro Lite. Affordable & light.
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by thewatchtech

In my own experience trying about half the posts mentioned, I've been happiest with Syntace and Thomson for MTB. The EC90 I have now creaks, as have the ones I've used with KCNC/MCFK style clamping. Love KCNC posts for road or 'cross, just not MTB.

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by cakiss

Hi, i have kcnc ti pro lite on my Grand canyon f8. it is 27.2-400mm long and it weights 151gr ,two years of hard racing and it is still good as new, my recommendation

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by sh33mon

I'd go with the Syntace P6 Hiflex over a masterpiece.

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by artray

Token seatpost , I cut my down and its under 100grms . I put a little bit of clear coat where I clamp so its a tight fit and it works fine

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by limba

sh33mon wrote:I'd go with the Syntace P6 Hiflex over a masterpiece.

Just curious, why?

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by 1spd

So what did you go with? I have had two different KCNC's with no problems. My current one is a 27.2 x 400 and it is up to about 1.5cm from the minimum insertion line. Still rolling strong and it is on a rigid ss bike! Couldn't be happier. For the weight/price you won't find much else close to it. Yes, there are lighter posts but they are very expensive. The Thompson is nice and in my mind is the go to post but it is fairly heavy and while upgradeable, you won't be dropping enough weight to come in at the weight of the KCNC and after doing all those upgrades you would have spent more money than some of the other posts costs (Syntace, KCNC...). But the Thompson post should last you forever! Then again, you'll also look like everyone else out on the trail.
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Zen Cyclery
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by Zen Cyclery

I would have to throw in a vote for the Thompson Masterpiece. It isn't the lightest out there by any means, but I like the clamp and the texture of the post really helps to make it not slip. I like mine to have a slight layback as well.

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