Tips for removing snapped spoke threads

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by Asymptotic

So I snapped two spokes on my rear XT 29er wheel in a race, to its credit the wheel didn't go significantly out of true and I was able to still finish the last 20km of the race and even contest the sprint finish. The two straight pull driveside spokes snapped just above where they are threaded to the hub.

Now I'm baffled as to how to remove the threads, which are probably less than half a millimeter. Only want to resort to tapping as a last resort.

Also, I know its only XT and the hub can be replaced for only $50, but its a good training wheelset which I'd prefer to keep : :)
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by skyfire1202

What's the diameter of the remaining parts of the spokes in the hub? If you could drill a small hole in it and insert a screw with reverse threadm you can pull them out. There are kits for this in hardware shops, I have two sets, but I am not sure if they are small enough for a spoke.

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by sstefanov

I have had success in cutting a slot in the remaining part of the spoke and use a flat screwdriver to take them out. Dremel thin cutting disks are very good for this, but you have to be very careful.


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