Tune king/kong or prince/princess choice?

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by Erhar

As far as i know extralite hyperhubs can only be used with straight pull spokes. Unfortunaterly in my country (Greece) they only import them in silver color while i want them in black due to the fact that my whole bike is black with gold details. Does anybody happen to know where can i get them from in black color? And how can i calculate the spoke length? Thanks in advance for your answers.

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by FireSpitter

I use this company for my purchases. Good price and very good shipping costs.


Only one problem, DO NOT set your language to ENGLISH on this website. No products will show.
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by Erhar

What about carbon ti x hubs sl? They seem to be new in the market and their weight is similar to tune prince/princess. Anybody has anything to say about their quality?

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by andrewh8877

I have Tune Prince/Princess on my race bike.
I would not recomend them. They are light, but very fragile. The rear got through three freewheels in two years, the seals are terrible. The front has been OK but it has reached the stage where I just dare not use the rear in the wet (which means that as it was chucking it down pretty much all year in the UK last year it got used once!) I have a set of Chris Kings which have been excellent, pretty much indestructable. I have been seriously impressed with them and wouldn't buy any other make of hub again.
Also, the Prince is not user-servicable, this is a real pain, especially when it breaks so often. Poshbikes, the UK importer, are not the fastest at mending stuff either...

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