Pro 2 Evo On Stans ZTR Crest Rims, What spokes?

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by contrakid

Hi all

I was prob going to get some of these built up for my Superlight and was wondering what spokes I should go for. I ride mainly xc / trail and small drop offs etc. and my body weight is about 182 lbs and dropping.

Obviously I would like them to be as light as poss but keep their shape.

Would DT Rev be a bit weak for my weight?

Would DT Comp be better?

What are ACI spokes like?

Is there a better spoke that light and stronger I should look at?

Thanks all for you help on my first post.

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by mentok

I thought revs weren't for disc applications - use super comps instead? What about bladed options? Sapim cxrays?

by Weenie

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by Juanmoretime

Sapim CxRay or DT Aerolites for sure. I have revolutions in a 29er back wheel then they work okay but using the first two spokes mentioned will give you a much stiffer and responsive wheel.

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by dave888

hi dave888 ive used dt revs on all my wheel builds never a problem?
next time im going stans with my kings, dt revs, not a particular strong rider and i use disks

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by jamespierce

If you want strong, stiff and light - sapim cx-ray or dt aerolights.
If you want strong, stiff and cheap - dt comps.

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by FireSpitter

I have been using DT Rev for my previous wheels for quite a bit without any incident. Recently I got adventurous and tried Sapim Superspoke. They're bloody light for my do-it-all 29er (Urban, XC) and so far, so good. By the way, I'm also around 180lbs.
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by nspace

I have DT Rev's on my Crest wheelset and they have been solid for 2 seasons. Would recommend.

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by sstefanov

I think you should be all right with DT Rev spokes. The main concern from my point of view is the quality of the build. The DT Revs are very easy to twist during tensioning, so an experienced and patient wheelbuilder is a must. With Sapim CX Ray or DT Aero you do not have the risk, as the bladed spokes are very much easier to build with.


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by nspace

The only issue with Sapim I can see, is that the max tension on Stans MTB rims (Last time I checked) was around 95kg. They used to discourage the use of bladed spokes because function better (laterally) with slightly higher tensions. I don't know if this is still the case, but I'm sure you can find responses from Notubes that say this on their message board.

I know a few people who have used them without issues though. Revolutions aren't that hard to build with if you take the necessary precautions, just more time consuming. Any wheelbuilder making wheels for others shouldn't have issues. If you have concerns about your wheelbuilder not being patient enough, regardless of spoke type, I would be finding someone else to build your wheels.

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by fivethirtyonepm

I have a set of Pro 2 Evo hubs on ZTR Crest rims which are built up with black DT Comp spokes.

I weigh in at a healthy 92kgs (with kit on) and the wheels have stayed good and true through all and anything... not a single loose or broken spoke.

given the same choice again, i would probably go for flows at my weight (so i could really chuck the bike about), but i think the hope/ztr combo really takes some beating for the money

btw... my combo was red hubs with white rims, running full stans tubeless (with yellow rim tape) and non-tubeless nobbly nic evos... the tyres went on without needing a compressor and have never punctured or lost air (6 months off the bike and they still held enough air to ride on... quite incrediable and way way way better than the joes system on my crack'n'fail).

hope this helps.

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by AdsH

have a set of Pro 2 Evo hubs on ZTR Crest rims which are built up with black DT Comp spokes.

I weigh in at a healthy 92kgs (with kit on) and the wheels have stayed good and true through all and anything... not a single loose or broken spoke.

I just bought the same combo but not black spokes. Was initially kicking myself as I hadn't realised the comps were stouter than the ACI but as my project is now going to be more general purpose than crabon XC rocket I'm hoping I have a slightly stronger combination for the same weight as my pro2/717/ACIs.............

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by digit3

DT Revs on all my wheels. I'm 150#

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by Fisherfreerider

I built mine with DT Comps and have had zero issues and I am ~200lbs and ride them pretty hard.

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by Rider10

DT Revs will work fine. CX-Rays and Aerolites are no "stronger" than DT Revs. They do not make for a stiffer wheel. CX-Rays claim to have a longer fatigue life and an aero advantage that is probably non-existent in practice on a MTB. Use the DT Revs and save some cash for some other WW upgrades.

For the front I'd go DT Revs all round. For the rear you could go with DT Revs on the NDS and DT Supercomps on the DS to try to keep spoke elongation / stretch closer between final tension on the NDS (which will be around 50-60% of the DS). I did this on thelast Podium MMX rear I built. Probably not worth it though as I can't tell any difference in stiffness or power transfer between that wheel and a full DT Rev wheel.

I can't tell any difference in stiffness or strength between my Crest/DT Supercomp wheelset and my Podium MMX/DT Rev wheelset. High volume tyres at offroad pressures flex so much more than any spoke/rim combo. Both of these wheelsets have seen use from XCM to XC to gravity XC use without a problem.

by Weenie

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by mikeyg

I use ACI spokes on all my wheels. Never had any problems, i have seen many people recomend them over DT, you can also get them for £0.25/spoke rather than £0.40/spoke. The other thing is the elbow profile. DT changed the length of the elbow to the head a while ago to accomadate machine builds/ faster lacing, i dont know if they are still like this, but it means you can get slack at the flange holes and loosening/fatigue of the spokes.

I havent found this with ACI spokes, but i havent built any wheels with DT spokes.

Also consider, using thicker or plain guage spokes on the sides of the wheel where the spokes are significantly shorter than the the other side. This will help even out the ratio of spoke capacity to built tension, reducing the likelhood of the spokes loosening

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