Jockey Wheels for XTR M980 Rear Mech

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by stevec1975

Another Jockey Wheel discussion..

I would like some light (pref carbon) jockeys for my XTR M980 GS Shadow Mech, I have seen rothshek ones on the bay, which are ok, but he says the m972 shadow ones have not been tested on M980, can anyone confirm they work? also what other alternatives are there that are good? KCNC?

Also, does anyone know the weight of the original XTR ones on the mech?


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by Ced

intersted also in tuning the M980 RD shadow

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by andrewh8877

I've got these on XTR Shadow M970, excellent.
Have tried KCNC before and the bearings didn't last. Shimano XTR bearings are very good but the teeth don't last!

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by mikeyg

I had some similar aluminium jockey wheels a while back. Problem with the ones with big cut outs is they wear through quickly in mud. Some of the other ones with less holes wear through slower but the bearings go. They can easily be knocked out and replaced though.

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by stevec1975

FYI, anyone who wants to know the weight of the stock XTR Jockeys:


So, going for KCNC will only save 2 grams, or AFC, will save 9 and Rothshek will save 11

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by 02GF74

all the after market jockey wheels use similar type of bearing - that is rubber sealed. they work great as long as no water/debris get past the seal, once that happens, the stuff cannot get out so the races and breaing will rust an pit and are u/s pretty soon afterwards.

older shimano bearings comprise two metal cups one each side of the jockey wheel so are totally unsealed -so water debris cannot get trapped.

maybe worth looking at ceramic bearings, pretty sure I have seen them with ceramic races too so not just ceramic ball bearings, but are very ££££.

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by Farnit

get the XTR OEM ones, the most durable

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by rahman

Token's tiramic jockeys are also durable, using them for 6 and a half months and still quite rigid and maintain inertia :unbelievable:
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by Starla

Agree - Tokens look & are superb, and don't disintegrate like some others. On ebay, so easy to get.

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