Orange Seal tire tire sealant initial review

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by Rider10

Cheers Colin for posting the follow-up to your initial review. Shame it doesn't last. The hot dry conditions I ride in has me replacing the Stans almost monthly.

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by Colin

@kulivontot - Yeah, I usually wait until after a flat to put sealant in my tubulars. I had a tire a couple years back that I put sealant in from the start and never ended up flatting. So the Stan's just sat in there, eventually drying up and causing the sides of the latex tube to stick together! :(

@Rider10 - I know your pain! I wish there was a sealant that lasted longer than a month or two in the heat! Luckily, I've since moved into a dorm where I get to keep my bikes inside at room temperature, so sealant seems to last forever!

by Weenie

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