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by nicemonkey

I have just converted to a 1x10 setup and installed a chain guide but because I am using Rotor Q rings its very trick not to get it slightly rubbing on one side or the other. I was thinking of a few solutions either:

1) Do I need 1? does anyone ride without a chain guide? I live in a pretty flat area where without any rocky sections to shake chain off
2) I have a few ideas of how to get round the rubbing situation but it would involve fashioning a design out of carbon fiber...which I haven't tried before
3) I have already attacked the chain guide device I have bought with a Dremel and cant really tune it any is pretty good now and hardly rubs...should I just MTFU?

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by colinmack

You probably will need a chain guide, I've tried running without one and the chain does eventually come off at some point. Depending on what chain guide you are using, you could try and space the cage that covers the chain away from its mounting point with a few thin washers. That's what I did with mine which is BB mounted. I slipped a couple of alloy washers between the BB mount and the cage, and it now runs without any rubbing. It does take a bit of trial and error to get it spot on, but it's worth it in the long run.

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by 2002maniac

You could run a bash guard with a chain catcher on the inside but it would be pretty heavy. You definitely need something to keep the chain on, so if what you have is currently working I would keep it as is.

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