best 10 speed chainrings

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by brearley

looking for a 36t single chainring, must be light, stiff and hopefully cheap.
what are you guys running?

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by TopFuelAdam

Ethirteen!!!! My 36t is awesome! Noticeably stiffer than a single Shimano. I know not a real fair comparrison but....

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by Tom-s

I've got good experience using the Hellore chainrings.
+Alloy and Ti possible
+Low weight
+custom nr of teeth to fit your legs, style


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by Liggero

you may need stiffness for the bigger ring, but... would you notice lack of stiffness in the other rings? really?
Happy Trails !!!

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by sh33mon

Praxis makes some very nice rings..

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by jmartpr

Specialites TA

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by legsrburnin

Seriously how many watts are you putting out to be concerned about stiffness in a 36t chainring? Anything other than a highly customized chainring should be fine!
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Tokyo Drifter
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by Tokyo Drifter

Renthal is best because it is moto
E.Thirteen comes in lots of pretty colours.

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by bm0p700f

TA specilities make the best rings in my opinion so long as black or silver will do.

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by Rider10

Blackspire Super Pro chainrings are nicely made and solid.

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