Need a good lightweight seatpost in 30.9

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by VTBike

Subject says it all! I've been out of Mtn biking for a while, and what I currently have (Thompson Elite Setback) needs to be replaced with a zero, or smaller setback post. I also want something black to match my frame (Sworks aluminum). I've looked at a few different options - crank brothers cobalt 3, easton EC90, raceface Next, and none seem to be that great. I could always order another Thomson in black, with 0 setback, but the thing just looks so boring. Any other good options out there? I'm 195 lbs, so super light weight need not apply. I also will probably use a quick release, so I'm mildly concerned about torquing a carbon post properly - not even sure if this is an issue these days or not.


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by 743power

Whats wrong with the ec90? I had a 30.9 zero offset at one time and iirc it was like 180g with ti hardware. Pretty light and adds some comfort to the ride
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by Donny70

The Thompson is the lightest strongest post you can buy. Black is boring full stop.

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by sstefanov

Thomson Masterpiece or if you want carbon - Easton EC90.


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by VTBike

Well, I really liked the EC90 too, then I looked at reviews here and there; on MTBR specifically. There were a few that said the clamp was poor, and that the post slipped under "proper torque" rates. You guys obviously don't have those issues? What about using a QR with a carbon post. Anything to really worry about? I mean you dial in that QR tension once, and hopefully every time you loosen/tighten, its the same torque.

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by 2002maniac

I'm a big fan of carbon seat posts. The little bit of flex they offer feels great on a hardtail.

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by Tom-s

Have a look at the smud-carbon seatpost.
you can get it build for your exact weight.

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by toskij

Easton EC90...with KCNC seatpost yokes instead of the original heavy plate you can save a lot of weight, even 70 gr 8)
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by Rider10

I've been using a KCNC Scandium Ti pro lite Seatpost for about a year now (around 5000km offload) and it has performed well. 148g for my 30.9mm version uncut.

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by jamespierce

Thomson or Thomson.

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by andrewryangibson

The cycle king new ultimate is nice, 188grams for $70 shipped. Carbon post with ti head and hardware. The full carbon version is $100 and 140 grams. Weights for 30.9 400mm.

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by Starla

Thompson Elite on my FS trail bike - as it gets hammered, EC90s on my FS Race bike, & 29er HT.

All my bikes are carbon - I've never had any issue with any carbon seatposts or anything else.

The Thompson is a nightmare to change saddles on, the EC90 is 2 mins.

I've never tried the Thompson Masterpiece. Is it better/lighter than the Elite ?

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