What product for cleaning your discs?

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by Liggero

I just re-bleeded my brakes. Now they perform awesome again. I was wondering how do you clean the discs, if you use a special product or alcohol or what's the best method... is it something to look after every now and then or it's not worth it? I already sanded the brake pads.
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by krusty

Isopropyl alcohol works just fine.

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by Fisherfreerider

Automotive brake cleaner.

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by thisisatest

it's been mentioned that auto brake cleaner is not so good because it carries a little bit of petroleum product to keep the rotors from rusting right away. on a car, the heat and pressure generated can burn it off, but on a bike, especially with organic pads, it's not so good. alcohol or Dawn/water

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by Hubert

Rubbing alcohol in a spray bottle is what we use - spray it on, let air dry. Done.
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by dhphat

Rubbing alcohol, Don't use automotive break cleaner.
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by maddog 2

krusty wrote:Isopropyl alcohol works just fine.


Search ebay on "IPA"

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by digit3

White Lightning Clean Streak for me

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by Starla

Meths (Methylated Spirits) for me (may be a UK name) - does the job & makes my shed smell great !

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