Road rear mech's on MTB's??

Discuss light weight issues concerning mountain bikes & parts.

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by hillrider

Fitted an Ultegra 6700 rear mech on my mtb today.Running a 9 spd 32-11 cassette and all seems well on a quick spin around my local road.Only fitted it as it was lighter than an XT rear mech,and cheaper than a XTR one.Will I have any issue's once I go off road?? Any other weight weenie mtbers use road parts on their mtbs??

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by theremery

a DA 7800 mech running a 27-12 was semi-common for plantation racing near here. No dramas. They can be tuned light and strong too! It won't be flash if you need really big cogs (I was surprised you managed to get it running well on a 32....the old DA would not have done that)
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by nspace

I have an Ultegra 6700 on my 1x6, and it has been amazing! I think the combo of the short cage (in my case), smaller cassette stack and stiff springs allowed me to also get away without using a seat tube mounted chain keeper. Done lots of miles on rough terrain and have yet to experience an issue with this setup.


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by tompho

A Lightweight RD can be used with a 11/32 cassette.

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by TheRookie

Ultegra 6700 is sized for a largest cassette sprocket of 28T ... 702204.PDF
I doubt it will like the 32T over much, I know the 105 on my daughters we tried (may as well) to go to a 32T and it wouldn't have it.

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by Tom-s

SRAM RED can be used with 11 - 32 cassette's. Like on Robin van Berkels WW Scalpel BBQ.
He modified the RED to be used with grip shifters by adding a small pin to extend the cable pull/gear.

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by Tomstr

Do you have any pics of that? It sounds like an interesting setup.
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by Tom-s

Only found a picture of the cable tune to ajjust for grip shifters in my show your stuff topic on a dutch mtb site.

Edit: Found a pic!

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by Lateralus

And he uses it with a 11-32 cassette? Without modifications of the jockey wheels?

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by Tom-s

He uses standard Extralite jockeys as seen on the pics.
Yep he runs 11 - 32. Told me that with mod's even a 34t cassette would be possible.
His RED weights 123 grams.

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by nrsnow

That looks like a nice bike. Clavicula's ...
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by Tomstr

OK, i'm going to have to use the P-word. That thing is PORN!

My next rear-mech on the Commençal is going to be SRAM Force of RED for sure.
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by skyfire1202

11-34 is possible with 42-29 using a RD 7900 with Extralite pulleys.

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by bikemaniack

I think its a C'dale Scalpel

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by jooo

I guess something for people to take into account, is simply that one combo of cassette and RD that works fine on one bike, may not work on another all that well simply because of the differences in hanger length/position.

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