Review: Smud Carbon Saddle Version 2

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by Tom-s

Manufacturer: Smud Carbon
Weight: 73,2 g
Size: 130 * 250 mm
Test bike: S-works HT 2010 with the saddle mounted on an AX-Lightness Daedalus seatpost with a Smud Carbon cradle (5,8g vs 12,2g from AX).
Used since november 2011 for XC training up to 5hrs and local rides/marathons up to 6Hrs (avg: 2 rides weekly)
Edit: Me: 70Kg activ riding position.
Previous saddle's: Tune Speedneedle (LE/AC) and Speedneedle Marathon.


+ Flex
+ Comfort
+ Weight
+ Width
+ Wide tip of saddle
+ No real sharp edges
++ Price (119€)

- The back on steep downhill's

Bottom line:
I found the saddle to give good flex and comfort. It has more flex than my Speedneedle Marathon but less than the alcantara. It fits me better tough because of the smooth surface i'm in my ideal position much faster after standing, off-and-on the bike etc.. The saddle has a bigger upward curve compared to the speedneedle's and this suits me very well. A big plus is the wider tip of the saddle compared to other carbon saddle's. This makes that i can stay on the front of the saddle for a longer period of time during a climb before it annoys me. The only downside i found was the same i had with my Speedneedle. When hanging behind the saddle and trying to get back on it, i sometimes hit the hard sharp edge on the back with my abdomen (and lower more painfull areas).

WW point of view: From WW-POV it's a really good saddle. It's the all time great Speedneedle, but lighter, more comfy and for a better price.

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Mads Kock
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by Mads Kock

Sounds good - where is the company located? europe?

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by record

They're from Poland.

Tom-s, how would you compare the saddle shape with any other mainstream saddles you have used?
A light bike does replace good fitness.

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by Tom-s

As far as mainstream goes i only used the Speedneedle for the past few years. Before that i used Specialized Saddles but can't compare it to those because it's to far back.
It's really comparable to the speedneedle and has the same way of seating (in the way that you and up in your ideal spot on the curve of the saddle).

More pictures can be found in the link in my start post (manufacturer).

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by Juanmoretime

I like the looks of the saddle and may have to try one someday. I can say a big thumbs up from Smud's Ultra light carbon cages. Under 6 grams including mounting hardware and I also used one of the their carbon Thomson clamps. Well made products made as you order.

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by TopFuelAdam

I love this saddle! I just got mine in January and it has been great. It weighed in at 69g on my scale (claimed is 72g) it is perfect for MTb riding. I have done several 3+ hour road rides and one 5.5hr road ride. It is very hard but still comfy!

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by Cheers!

i wonder why they stopped making the thomson craddles... i've been wanting to buy one for quite some time

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by Tom-s

I guess because he works alone. He stopped with all the parts that were selling the least so he has more time for the popular parts. As you see on his website he has all the alternative's.
I you want to lighten up your thomson get a lower cradle at smud carbon and get a pair of mack or PoP yokes with it. Custom is an option so ask him and you'll probably get the part you want, just for a higher price than before.

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by tompho

Great price for a light saddle. It looks good.

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by Fourthbook

FYI: Emailed Piotr yesterday and he replied today. I placed an order for a saddle. He says it should ship in ~3 weeks...
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