Orange 5 Five new project - WW/ 1x9 2x9 1x10?

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by runningrunningjump

I'll take a look. Thanks. I've had an maxxis advantage before and that was a good tyre and crossmarks are great.

Where do you live? In the uk the orange five is an institution (although more for the type of guy who wouldn't visit WW).....
The frames come up on eBay all the time. If you live the other side of the world, maybe, buy a second hand frame off eBay in the uk. Get the guy to ship to Orange HQ in the uk. There you can have your frame stripped, checked, re powder coated in any of the fantastic colours they offer, new sickers fitted, new head badge and new swing arm bearings fitted for £200. Then agree a price with them to ship to you the other side of the world. Then your dealing with a company with proper shippers and proper packing for the frame.
Or if your feeling very flush you could just order the latest version brand new and have it shipped to you.

Good times

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