Light carbon bottle cages that don't eject bottles?

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by stoney

Arundel mandible.

by Weenie

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by aeroskii

topeak feza mt16 supremacy

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by TheRookie

Vel MSL side load in carbon, 25g for cage and bolts, nice and snug, never dropped a bottle even at the local bike park. Not that I had a choice of anything but sideload with my frame!
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by pushpush

After losing multiple bottles from arundel cages I sold the cages. The king/silca Ti cages are pretty nice but also drop the occasional bottle. so far my Tune cages have not dropped a bottle, but it hasnt been very long so I haven't drawn a final conclusion. Specialized cages have been pretty good but given the price point, I would just buy Tune cages as they are lighter and nicer.

Bottle size/volume seem to have a huge impact on ability of any cage to retain bottles.
The flimsier more flexible cages seem to actually do a better job of dissipating energy and holding onto bottles.

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by MrCurrieinahurry

How the heck are u loosing bottles out of arundel mandibles? U sure they were genuine ones?

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by Sjoerd

Another vote for the Arundel Mandible's. I've got three pairs.

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by pushpush

MrCurrieinahurry wrote:
Tue Nov 14, 2023 9:09 am
How the heck are u loosing bottles out of arundel mandibles? U sure they were genuine ones?

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Unless Arundel sell counterfeit cages mine were genuine. A mostly full 20oz bottle over intense washboard terrain would reliable eject bottles from them. As best I can figure, there is enough mass in the water to just drive the bottle up out of the cage under certain conditions. Always the bottle on the seat tube, not the down tube. I believe this is because the motion of the frame over washboard is more vertical while the bottle on the downtube is at an angle to the vertical plane so the forces at work are pushing the bottle against the cage rather than up out of it. Smaller bottles with less mass have never been a problem, but I rarely use smaller bottles. Seat Tube cage + mostly full large bottle + rough surface = occasional ejection. I have observed that the ejection isn't an all-at-once over a big bump event. Instead it is a slow progressive event where the bottle works its way out of the cage and then eventually falls out. I know this from the times I either looked down and saw it halfway out, or from feeling the top of the bottle on my leg as the bottle prepares to fall out. -- This is identical to what I have experienced with the Ti cages as well.

I have experienced this repeatedly on both hardtail and FS bikes. I suspect that as you move into larger travel suspension setups this becomes a non-issue as much of the vibration is absorbed. When I had a Ripmo I never lost a bottle.

Smoother terrain, cage only on the down tube, and using a smaller bottle is a winning combo but not the conditions I encounter.

I was skeptical about them at first but the more flimsy flexible cages that let the bottle kind of float around the bike frame seem to help mitigate the problem a lot.

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by poulhansen

Topeak - Modula Cage has very high friction rubber and is adjustable for different bottles and friction. You can even adjust it for store waterbottles and I use it for a slightly conical thermos cup. All totally stable.Image
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by nickf

Arundel mandible. Use them on my MTB and gravel bike. Never lost a bottle. Gravel bike takes a beating. Maybe wrap the cage arms with some grip tape to further enhance the holding force if you are having issues? Mandibles just don't eject bottles in my experience. Hell they usually deform the bottles because they have such a tight grip.

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req110 wrote:
Wed Nov 08, 2023 10:30 am
eucalyptus wrote:
Tue Nov 07, 2023 8:57 am
Bontrager XXX are definitely the best ones on the market! 80 USD a piece 17,5g or 33 USD for a pair at 17g from Aliexpress looking exactly like the original except missing serial number (I have both the real and fake ones, cannot tell them apart)
After riding couple of:

elite rocko
tune wassertrager
specialized rib cage

And having my friends cracking topeak feza or their lookalikes

I have to admit that I stuck with Bontrager XXX and I am really happy with them.

I'm using 16g AliExpress Bontrager XXX knock-offs with CamelBak Podium Ice 0,62l bottles for years, they hold the bottles very firmly, I have never lost one. This has to be best buy, you can get one bottle cage for ~10 USD. If anyone is looking for them at AliExpress, search for - carbon bottle cage 16g or carbon bottle cage xxx.

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by TheDoctor

Arundel Dave-O and Spesh S-Works Zee cages for me...

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by zscs

Using Topeak Shuttle Cage Z for years, also for racing. Reliable, I haven't lost a single bottle during the years. Also using it on my fully rigid/rigid fork race MTB and using it on my full suspension bike as well, holds any kind of bottles, including Camelbak's insulated bottles. Also bike park-proven. :)

~20 grams only. ... age-carbon

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by JayDee81

Choosing between Elite Leggero and the new T-race carbon for my new mtb. Previously had Cannibal XC cages I was mostly happy with but had some ejections last season. I know the carbon cages fit firmly compared to the FRP ones which is partly why I am going for carbon ones this time. Also need to partly insert from the side as is typical on 2 bottle FS frames which is why I am unsure about the T-Race. Anyone has experience with them yet? Thanks.

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by freepk

Ups, sorry miss MTB context :)

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by SK5

Carbon Works . Got mine down to 2.9grams and holds the bottle .

by Weenie

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