Syntace Flatforce 55/66 actual lengths?

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by 016XC


Any Flatforce owners here?

I need to get my bar lower, and Flatforce seems to be the best tool for the job.
I would like to keep the current reach about the same, and I'm currently using Bontrager Potence -17degrees/75mm stem.

I have read from previous topics that the sizing is a little different. I also contacted Syntace about it, but they didnt provide any real measurements.

What is the length center-to-center measured from the top in 55 or 66 models?


by Weenie

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by grover

I have a Flatforce99. The 99 measure seems to be from the front of the steerer clamp to the centre of the bar clamp. So add half the width of a steerer, ~15mm.

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by Kristinka

Check also FSA SL-K and NS -20°stems. They are very similar to Syntace Flatforce. Though made in different lenghts. ... -drop-stem ... -drop-stem

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by Malutkiz

You can also look for Token TK9320

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