29" Fox 32 stepcast Factory vs Performance Elite vs Performance

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by ldavies

Hello all,
I am building up a light weight xc bike and looking at suspension forks and cannot find out the weight difference betweeen a Fox 32 stepcast boost Factory vs Performance Elite and Performance model.

The fox website lists the weight of a Factory model as 1387g (but does not change that number when you switch from 27.5 to 29 so I am guessing it might be 27.5 with 29 being a little bit heavier). Also this listing https://www.ebay.com/itm/2018-Fox-Racin ... 0#viTabs_0 on ebay lists a Performance model of a 29er fork as 1500g.

Is there really only 113 grams difference between the two or is one with axel and one without.

I'd like to know the apples to apples weight comparison of Factory vs Performance vs Performance elite. Does anyone know or have any ideas how I could find out the answer?

Thx Lloyd

by Weenie

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by poynt

the ony difference are the the internal dampaers. Fit4 vs grip.
The outsides are the same other than colour. I don't have a 29" performance at the mo but the weights of my 27.5" Performannce SC vs Factory SC are: 1442g vs 1348g not incl axles. My 29" Factory SC is 1360g minus axle. Boost, if anything are lighter than the standard 100mm forks.

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by damond

The only difference betwen factory and performance Elite is the Kashima coating. Weight is exactly the same though.

Performance use a GRIP cartridge and therefore is heavier and has no compression adjustment.

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by ldavies

Thank you for the informative answers @poynt and @damond

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