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5878 gScott Scale Limited '05Heinz Wittmann
UCI legal
7319 gScott Team Issue '04Nino
7432 gScott Team Issue '03Nino
7584 gMagnesium Litech '02Arne
7734 gGiant XTC '05Andrea Calabrese
7974 gTrek OCLV 9900 Pro Issue '95Roberto
8018 gMassi Z-7 '01Staggerlee
8050 gScott Team Issue '02Nino
8077 gKlein Adroit '92Francesc Babot
8476 gSpecialized S-Works M4 '02Nino
8575 gLitespeed Tanasi '03Jean-Francois Bossler
8656 gGiant XTC Composite '04Thibaud Deletraz
8708 gScapin Oto's '02Andrea Calabrese
8746 gHilset Ti '05Adri Haine
8795 gPace RC300 '02Ian
8809 gGiant XTC '04Terry Anderson
8845 gRocky Mountain Vertex Team '03Jerome Pessin
8945 gCannondale - CAAD4SCC
8965 gSeven Cycles Sola '03Andrew Groom
9056 gGiant MCM '02Anders
9145 gGiant ATX Team '01Gavin Lee
9160 gHi-Tec SLKWho Knows?
9186 gFat Chance - Yo EddySpikes
9260 gIbis MojoDick Vizins
9372 gKona Hei Hei '96Rich Matthews
9414 gTrek OCLV 9900 Pro Issue '99Mads
9434 gGrisleyFrank Berkhout
9493 gMerida Magnesium Elite '01Fürti
9505 gCommencal VIPJoachim Smits
9520 gSpecialized StumpjumperNino

If your hardtail bike is sub 9500 g and you feel it should be amoungst the bikes featured here
then send the details and photos to weightweenies at starbike dot com.
you lookin' at me?!
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