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8546 gExtralite F1 X-Link V3.0 '04Jim
8968 gGhost RT Scandium '04Camilo Vázqez
8999 gScott Strike 10 '01 custom buildDavid Glassman
9634 gChecker Pig Scandium Four '02Marcus Kluth
9893 gAMP B5Who Knows?
9927 gLitespeed Sewanee '05Joachim Smits
10097 gSanta Cruz Superlight '02Anders
10165 gAirborne Paka Wallup '01Chewie
10359 gRocky Mountain Instinct '00Michael Maage
10504 gSpecialized S-WORKS FSR EpicMarcel Herhonek
10578 gStorck Adrenalin Race '01Oliver Kramer
10710 gKlein Adept Pro '02Kim Jonsson

If your full suspension bike is sub 11000 g and you feel it should be amoungst the bikes featured here
then send the details and photos to weightweenies at starbike dot com.
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