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Scott Team Issue '0326/01/2004

This article is in the Hardtail Bikes category

Scott Team Issue '03 (Owner: Nino)

Specifications - Nino's Scott Team Issue - '03 build
Nino's Scott Team Issue - '03 build
FRAME: 2002 Scott Team Issue, Medium, FRM AL canti studs 1146 g
FORK: SID Race 2001 (shaved away Disc adapter, Ti Canti Studs) 1165 g
HEADSET: Extralite The Head 64 g
STEM: Syntace F99 254 120 mm w/ Syntace Ti Bolt Kit 104 g
HANDLEBAR: FRM Web Bar Carbon (shortened to 520 mm) 92 g
GRIPS: Scott Foam 20 g
BRAKELEVER: FRM DP-3 (Al Bolts) 108 g
SHIFTLEVER: Shimano XT (w/o display/Al-bolts) 222 g
BRAKES: Avid Mag (Ti+Al-bolts) 286 g
BB: FRM Ti 107 mm 143 g
CRANKARMS: Storck Powerarms Pro JIS 328 g
CHAINRINGS: Sugino CSP 3R, shaved, 20-32-42 97 g
PEDALS: Corratec Easy-Click Ti (Al-Bolts, shaved cage, sandblasted) 202 g
F-DER: Shimano XTR FD-M950, 34.9 mm, DP, Al-Bolts 105 g
R-DER: Shimano Dura-Ace RD-7700 w/SRP Al-Kit 186 g
CHAIN: Shimano CN-7701 268 g
CASSETTE: One-piece CNC Aluminium 12-27T incl. lockring 115 g
QR: Tranz-X Steel bolt-on Axles 64 g
SEATPOST: USE Aluminium (31.6/290 mm) 173 g
SEATPOST CLAMP: Extralite Ultraclamp 34.9 mm 13 g
SADDLE: AX-Lightness Endurance 78 g
CABLES: Shimano/Plastic Housing 89 g
Everyday setup:
WHEELSET: Tune MIG 75/MAG 200/Matrix Swami Ceramic/28-28 DT Aerolites 1410 g
TUBES: Eclipse Tubelesskit (Rimstrips, Valves, Sealant) 220 g
TIRES: Nokian NBX Lite 2.0" (476/481) 957 g
Ultralight setup:
WHEELSET: Tune MIG 75/MAG 170/X517/28-28 Sapim CX-Ray 1340 g
TUBES: Continental Supersonic 190 g
RIM STRIP: Ritchey WCS 10 g
TIRES: Continental Explorer Supersonic 2.1" (444 g)
Continental Twister Supersonic 1.9" (336 g)
780 g
TOTAL WEIGHT: Everyday setup:
Ultralight setup:
7699 g / 16.973 lbs
7432 g / 16.385 lbs

Most parts on my bike already have several seasons of use behind. I use my bike for aggressive XC-riding but for sure no big jumps etc...I`m an aggressive rider going downhills though (former motocross pro) but have yet to brake a part.I still use a 02 frame because technically it’s identical to the 03 but I prefer the colour scheme of the 02. I have that ultralight Tune “superscharf” wheelset which is really ultralight but for everyday riding I prefer the ceramic coated rims which results in much more brakepower.those Matrix ceramic rims are the only ones I found with 28-holes. there’s no more 28-hole X517 with ceramic coating.on my trails i also prefer the heavier full knobs over the semislick-like Twister.I need good traction going into corners and that`s where those Nokian NBX Lite shine.that`s why you don`t see the Twister on my ultralight front wheel – I would never ride my bike that way.just for the listing it would look cool because the weight drops another 100g but I like to list what I really use. you also see me using the ECLIPSE-Tubelesskit on my everyday wheels.it`s days and nights better than any tube out there and just 20g heavier than my ultralight tube setup...but I get lower rolling resistance,puncture proofness and self sealing all in one. that Aluminium cassette I currently use is really a piece of art but that`s about the only item on my bike that won`t last.I guess more than 500km aren`t doable.so far that cassette has held up fine,shifts on par with Shimano cassettes and looks sooo cool.usually I use the 12-27 Dura-ace cassette which weighs 180g. what`s left? ahh - that 78g saddles is really comfortable even though it sure doesn`t look so.the carbon shell flexes and makes for a comfort I haven`t seen in any other saddle. any further questions? here`s my e-mail:

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