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Specialized S-Works M4 '0211/11/2001

This article is in the Hardtail Bikes category

Specialized S-Works M4 '02 (Owner: Nino)

NINO`S 2001 SPECIALIZED S-WORKS HT See bottom of page for picture of this!

The Specifications

Frame Specialized S-Works M4 HT (18",with filed away disc-brake adapter ­21g) 1451g
Fork Rock-Shox SID SL (with Ti canti-studs -6g,filed away disc-brake adapter -6g) 1333g
Headset OEM Specialized (Tange) 78g
A-head cap & bolt Al 9g
Stem FRM 120mm (2 Al-bolts) 125g
Handlebar WR Compositi carbon 520mm 112g
Grips Pedros (Rubber) 49g
STI XTR (w/o gear-display -23g) 371g
Brakes (f&r) Avid Mag (with Al-bolts) 289g
Wheelset Hügi 240/X517 ceramic/32+32 DT Rev+Comp/Al-Nipps 1475g
Tubes  none...Stan`s tubeless-System (liquid latex/rimtape/valve)  148g
Tyres Specialized S-Works SL (control 410g/master 430g)  840g
QR none,Cromo bolt-on axles 65g
BB FRM Ti 143g
Crankset Race-Face LP 20/32/44 ("filed" chainrings,Al-bolts) 569g
Crank bolts FRM Al 14g
Pedals Corratec easy-click ti (with Al-bolts) 235g
Chain XTR 268g
Cassette Dura-ace 180g
F. Derailer XTR (with 2 Al bolts) 105g
R. Derailer Dura-ace (with Al bolt) 193g
Seatpost  Extralite (30.9/290mm,2 Ti-bolts) 175g
Seatpost Clamp Exralite (34.9mm) 14g
Saddle Tune Speedneedle (leather) 118g
Cables (sh & br) XTR (with Tune 'plastic' housings, v-noodles) 89g
Chainguide & bolt   5g
Bottle cage bolts (4 Al) 3g
  Avid Rollamjig 13g
TOTAL 8476g / 18.686 lb. See bottom of page for picture of this!  


While building my bike my main concern was in saving weight without hurting performance. There are several parts where I could have saved more weight but it would have hurt performance. Not spending "too much" money was also in my mind:

Brakes: I believe that V-brakes are strong enough for a racing hardtail and most biking anyway. By using fresh cables, ceramic rims and avid brakepads you get monster stopping power paired with great modulation out of a lightweight and proven system.

Shifting: All Shimano!  I prefer the shimano triggershifters.

Front derailer:  Is an older XTR M-950 which is lighter than newer models. 

Rear derailer is Dura-Ace and works flawless in the dirt. I`m doing lots of road riding with my road bike too and like the narrow gaps of the Dura-Ace cassettes gear spacing. You have to shift a bit more but gear selection is better. Front chain rings are working great with a 20t avitar/32t sugino CSP3R/44t XT. See bottom of page for picture of this!

Saddle:  Ultralight & stiff carbon saddle but as comfy as my flite Ti!  Multi-hour rides are no problem. The new selle italia SLR looks promising too... See bottom of page for picture of this!

Grips: no soft foam grips.  I like the grip of real rubber.

Wheels: Light and stiff wheels by using DT Revos everywhere except the rear drive side where the heavier DT Comps are used. 32 spokes front (radial laced) and rear (3-cross)!

Tires: To me Continental explorers are the best tires!  Right now I`m trying some new lightweight rubber (specialized SL) and soon the Schwalbe fast fred (semislick at 355g).  I`m running "STAN`S TUBELESS" and got light weight, great grip, puncture resistance, lower rolling resistance, more comfort!  To me Stan`s system is a MUST DO!

Fork:  SID SL is not the lightest but worlds better in shock absorption than the SID race (had the Race last year and wouldn`t go back-giving up 160g!)



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