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AX-Lightness Carbon Road Brake Prototype24/08/2003

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AX-Lightness Carbon Road Brake Prototype (Author: Weight Weenies)

AX-Lightness front carbon brake

AX-Lightness will present prototypes of carbon road brakes at this year's EuroBike (Hall B1/Stand 200).

Current weight is 70 g per single brake (without brake pads), but Axel Schnura (the man behind AX-Lightness) is confident to lower the weight even more.

The brake pads on the pictures are Kool Stop cartridge holders with Corima pads. There are currently no plans for self-designed brake pads.

Although both brakes have the same outer dimensions, they have different internal designs. At the moment it takes about 3 days of work to make a pair. The pivot is made from hollow Titanium with rolled threads. Two friction bearings ensure smooth and durable braking performance.

According to AX-Lightness, the brake power is comparable with Mavic's strong SSC road brakes. This was achieved through the load dependent use of IM (intermediate modulus) and HM (high modulus) carbon fibers, which leads to an enormous flexural and torsional stiffness.

AX-Lightness rear carbon brake
AX-Lightness front carbon brake
AX-Lightness rear carbon brake
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