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FRM Aero11/11/2001

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FRM Aero (Owner: Nino)

The Specifications

My roadbike is a FRM aero. Tubing is easton aero and frame weight is 1170g/54cm size (or better was since i made a new colour scheme that added about 30g!). I built it up using components I had on my previous bike and with time i upgraded it more and more.

  • The fork is a MIZUNO F3 all carbon (350g)
  • I still have a 105 crankset! It weighs only 588g though (175mm, with filed chainrings, Al-bolts, XTR self extracting bolts...)
  • I had that cnc`d aluminum cassette (26-13 at 126g) but switched back to a "custom-made" shimano cassette. It`s now 25-13. I have a huge pile of different cassettes so I change gearing according to my legs and to the terrain I ride. That cassette weighs in at 192g-ouch!
  • The Ksyriums are very good wheels! I've had them since last summer and they never needed any truing! They definitely made a difference to my previous set of wheels (mavic open pro/DT rev spokes/ultegra hubs). Weight is the same but they are much stiffer and much faster. I'd say at least 3 km/h.
  • Pedals are ritchey wcs (238g).very nice and sleek.they allow for high corner speeds since they are very low profile. Speedplay X-1 look nice too.
  • Shifters are Dura-ace sti rightside and frame mounted on the left ( la Lance Armstrong). The STI levers weigh a ton and since I don`t use the front shifter too often I'm doing fine that way.
  • Since riding with that triathlon bar i changed my saddle to a SLR. My tune had a very hard nose and in that low position it hurt - the SLR is fine (142g).
  • Brakes are FRM-tuned Dia-Compe BRS 200 which weigh 255g/pair
  • handlebar is a old 3ttt moscow which weighs a hefti 238g...to be replaced soon! The clip -on syntace bars weigh about 370g.
  • Seatpost is a FRM cnc (200mm weighs 150g)
  • Front derailer ultegra
  • Rear derailer Dura-Ace
  • BB Dura-Ace
  • QR`s are Control-tech titanium bolt on axles (48g)
  • Inner tubes are Michelin aircomp latex (72g). Again lowest rolling resistance!
  • Tires are Michelin axial pro light 700x20 (178g). They had green sidewalls but I coloured them with a black waterproof marker. Those tires definitely are superior in speed and also comfortwise to the Conti supersonics I had before.

    The way my bike is now it weighs 7.84 kilos (it was 7.15 kilos a month ago). There is plenty of room for more improvements.

    More recent specifications for this bike can be found here >> FRM Aero ('02 spec)

  • you lookin' at me?!
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