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Tuning an ITM "The Stem"11/08/2002

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Tuning an ITM "The Stem" (Author: Nino)

Once again I couldn`t resist.
I have a ITM Magnesium "The Stem" on my roadbike (90 mm length).

And that`s how the ITM looks like in standard trim (pictured is a 120 mm length):

It had that awful golden colour that didn`t match my bikes colours,
so instead of just get it painted I first shaved off all sharp edges and this saved me 5 g in the process.

Here`s the exact same stem of another swiss weight-weenie who inspired me.
He even shaved the bolts...

Here it is, shaved and painted black back on the bike.
I could have had it "kind of anodized" in black,
but that wouldn`t be as durable as the paint.
It would have been about 2 g lighter though...

The 90 mm now weighs just 85 g (was 92 g),the 100 mm now weighs 93 g (was 98 g)

you lookin' at me?!
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