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Zürich Bike Show10/11/2001

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Zürich Bike Show (Author: Nino)


21/02/01 - I just turned back home from the bike-show over here in Zürich/Switzerland. Armed with my scales, I found the following items:

A one-piece CNC`d aluminum cassette, nine speed with machined shifting ramps.  As for now only three different models for road bikes are available ranging from 98g (11-21) to 127g (13-26).

There will have two different versions for mtb also weighing around 130g. They will be distributed by: www.inferno-radsport.de.  Below is a picture of 13-26 cassette weighed on my own digital scale...

I finally got to see a USE ALIEN CARBON seatpost and put it on my digital scale that I brought along...WOW! The 27.2/350mm weighed 155g including some rubber tubes to show the clamp-mechanism! That will be a real weight of 151g!  The somewhat shorter 27.0/270mm weighed 135g also including those rubber tubes - real weight of 131g! In the future they will be even lighter because the next run will have further modifications:

Cassette - Click on image to see a larger view. USE Alien - Click on the image for a larger view
Al cassette USE Alien


23/02/01 - During my second visit at the bike-show here in Zürich/Switzerland I got to weigh an ITM "THE STEM" which is out of magnesium.  The 120mm weighed only 98g  More details on www.itm.it

I also found a Morati stem (130 mm), that weighs 165 g, and a Morati bar/stem combo that weighs 339 g (approx 110 mm in length)

Morati Ti stem - Click for larger image. Morati Bar & Stem Combo - Click for larger image.
ITM - the Stem Morati Ti Morati bar & stem combo


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