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Giant MCM '0216/06/2002

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Giant MCM '02 (Owner: Anders)

Giant MCM team 2000

Bar ends: Ritchey WCS 98 g
Bottle Cage: Tune Wasserträger 10 g
Bottle Cage bolts: Magura 3 g
Bottom Bracket: Raceface taperlock steel 107mm 215 g
Brakes: Formula B4 700 g
Cables: Shimano XTR 134 g
Cassette: Shimano XTR (12-34) 252 g
Chain Rings: T.A. specialites (42/30) 95 g
Chain: SRAM PC-69 295 g
Crankset: Raceface Turbine LP 429 g
Crank+Chainring Bolts: Middleburn 39 g
Derlr (Front): Shimano XT 125 g
Derlr (Rear): Shimano XTR w. Middleburn alu bolt 225 g
Fork: Rockshox SID SL 2001 w. 2 x Alu bolts 1310 g
Frame: Giant MCM 2000 (19.5", disc-only) 1200 g
Grips: Ritchey foam 36 g
Handlebar: Easton CT-2 (cut) 110 g
Headset: Race Face Team SL 110 g
Hub Front: Tune King 155 g
Hub Rear: Hügi 240 disc 270 g
Rims: Mavic X317 800 g
Rim tape: Plastic tape 5 g
Nipples: DT alu ( 64pcs.) 22 g
Pedals: Crank Brothers Egg Beater 284 g
Quick Releases: X-lite Ti w/out levers 60 g
Seat Clamp: Extralite Clamp 12 g
Saddle: Selle Italia SLR 135 g
Seatpost: Extralite The Post 190 g
Spokes: DT revolution ( 64pcs.) 278 g
Shifters: Shimano XTR 253 g
Stem: Extralite Ultrastem 112 g
Tire (Rear): Hutchinson Python Air Light 900 g
Tubes: Continental Latex 284 g
Grease etc: Pedros 10 g
19,9 lbs

This is my Giant MCM bike, which I have been building up, over the last 2 years.

My intension for the bike is, to make as light as possible, without sacrificing the overall performance of the bike. Disc braking is a must do. The frame isn’t the stiffest in the world, but it has a little bit of softtail feeling to it, which I like. I’m going to replace the SID SL for a Manitou Black Elite Air, because it is to flexy, for a guy about 80kg.

The tires are a bit worn, so they only weigh 450g. a piece now, kind of semislick. I’m going to replace them with a pair of Twister supersonics, witch should spare me about 240g.

The Extralite seatpost is being replaced in a couple of months, for the USE Alien Carbon, because it just looks nicer.

The Crank Brother Egg Beaters is the best investment I have made on the bike. They are the best in mud, very quick to click in and light. They are also better, much cheaper and lighter than a pair of Time ATAC titanium.

For some of the very muddy races, which we have in Denmark, I use the Panaracer Fire Mud Pro, which only weighs 450gr. a piece.

That’s all folks.

Changes as of 19th June 2002
Tires: Continental Twister supersonic 650 gram
Crank bolts: X-lite alu 10 gram
Chainringbolts: Middleburn alu 7 gram
The weight saving is in all 260grams.

Future inprovements will be a Raceface Taperlock titanium bottom bracket 107mm, which weighs 145gram.

Regards Anders, Denmark

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