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Magnesium Litech '0228/04/2002

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Magnesium Litech '02 (Owner: Arne)

Here is my 2002 Magnesium Litech Hardtail which I use since 2 months:

AH Cap + Clamp: Carbon Al Bolt 14 g
Bottle Cage: Tune Wasserträger 10 g
Bottom Bracket: Action-Tec 143 g
Brake Levers: SRAM 9.0 Al Bolts 138 g
Brakes: Avid Magnesium all Bolts Ti/Al 285 g
Cables: Tune / Gore Mix 105 g
Cassette: Dura-Ace 12-27 Al Lockring 180 g
Chain Rings: American 20 30 42 104 g
Chain: Dura-Ace 265 g
Crankset: Storck Power Arms Pro 293 g
Crank+Chainring Bolts: Al 31 g
Derlr (Front): Shimano XTR 93 Top Pull 113 g
Derlr (Rear): Precision tuned 157 g
Fork: RockShox SID Race 2001 Ti Cantistuds Al Bolt 1160 g
Frame: Magnesium LITECH Elite 17" incl. USE Shim 1305 g
Grips: Ritchey WCS 42 g
Handlebar: Schmolke SL Carbon 520 mm 94 g
Headset: BillShook Ahead 81 g
Wheel Front: Tune MAG75 Sapim CX-Ray Mavic X517 590 g
Wheel Rear: Tune MAG180 Sapim CX-Ray Mavic X517 707 g
Pedals: Corratec Easy Click Ti filed 228 g
Quick Releases: Tune / Control Tech Ti 49 g
Seat Clamp: Extralite Clamp Ti Bolt 13 g
Seat: AX Lightness Endurance 87 g
Seatpost: USE Alien Carbon 350 mm ø27.2 mm 169 g
Shifters: Shimano XT without indicators 220 g
Stem: ITM MAG 100 mm Ti bolts 96 g
Tire (Front): Specialized S-Works (1000 km used) 405 g
Tire (Rear): Continental Twister Supersonic 320 g
Tubes: Latex self made 180 g
16,7 lbs

All Parts weighed on a Digi Scale.

I use this combo for training in dry conditions.

For mud and wet conditions and races, I use my Tune MIG/75 MAG215 Wheelset with Mavic X517 Ceramic Rims, Conti Explorer Supersonic Tires, Mounty Steel Axles and the Mounty Bottle Cage (36 g)
TOTAL WEIGHT: 7903 g | 17.4 lbs

I think this should be a good Lightweight combo for CC and Marathon races.

For hillclimb races is use the Steinbach fork (580 g),
Conti Twister Supersonic tires (320/325 g), and the Inferno Al cassette 12-23 (113 g incl. Al lockring)
TOTAL WEIGHT: 7017 g | 15.45 lbs

For hillclimb I could use some lighter Parts (Kooka Lever, Grip Shift, Titec Proks Rinds) (Total Weight 6850 g) but I would not change parts while 1 hour.

I've ridden the ITM RoadStem now for 1500km without troubles, I think for a 140 lbs rider should not be a problem.

I like the Magnesium frame which feels great.

Sorry Quality of the Pic is not good :-(

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