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Weight Saving Tips18/11/2001

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Weight Saving Tips (Author: Various)


 - "Lightweight tires and tubes save more weight per dollar spent than anything else on a MTB. And it also saves rotational mass, which is felt the most!!! Definetly the first thing to upgrade if you want to save weight!!" - CODMAN

- "Buy a camelback!! Why spend all that money on saving a few grams when you still use a filled waterbottle that weighs over 500g." - Dirk

- " Foam grips: such as Titec Pork Rinds, mine are cut down to fit my palms and weigh 20 gms a pr. You can use a piece of twisted wire to additionally secure them. I race on these and find no disadvantage over rubber grips.

Remove water bottle bolts and replace with Nylon bolts (if not using bottle cages).

Keep your housing and cable lengths short, excess cable is extra weight.

Remove the indicator pods from your Shimano shifters, lose 25 gms.

I cut off my disc tabs because I don't/won't ever use disc brakes, not needed.

My frame is bare aluminum, covered in a clearcoat which i removed and saved some weight there.

Ti bolts for seatpin and headset, aluminum bolts for your chainrings. Don't mess with anything else unless you want trouble (in my opinion)

Light tires are the best upgrade." - SoCal Climber

- "Use "Stan`s Tubeless System" to loose weight at the wheels!  By replacing the regular inner tube with a special latex-mixture you can save valuable weight at the wheels.  The parts needed weigh only 75g per wheel (rimstrip+valve+liquid latex)!  This is lighter than ANY tube+rimstrip
combo (usually around 130g or more:10g rimstrip+120g tube).  What you get besides lower weight is better traction and comfort and best of all puncture proofness because of the self sealing capabilities of the liquid inside the tire.  See www.notubes.com for more details." - Nino

- "The most cost effective place to save weight is the engine. It makes no sense to break the bank saving grams wherever you can and then leave an extra 10-20 lbs on the engine.Unless you are one of the anorexic few that are already at their bottom weight skip the post ride 3 beers & a chilli dog celebration. Despite what we want to tell ourselves, having a 5lb seat is no different than having a 5lb saddle." kid4lyf


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