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  1. First make sure that the data you want to enter isn't already in the listings.
  2. If you've a different weight of an existing entry, you can enter it, we'll average the database value or drop your submission if it only differs around a few grams from our weight data.
  3. Please enter as much additional information in the comments field as needed, simply follow the instructions on the right of the comments input field.
    If you've modified the part, enter what you've done.
  4. Other objective comments are welcome, but please don't enter things like 'this part rules'.
    And please pay attention to the correct orthography. This saves us a lot of work.
  5. Once your weight has been submitted, the listing will sit in a temporary file and await verification. Once that's done it will be published into the main listings area - so don't expect your submission to be added to the listings the instant you submit it!
Year: How can I determine it?
Claimed weight: grams
Real weight: grams
Source for claimed weight: only required if you've entered the claimed weight
Enter where you found the claimed weight → URL (most helpful) or manufacturer catalogue (add from which country).
If you have an URL: copy & paste the complete URL from your browser window
like http://www.some-random-company.com/products/part.php?id=5
not just www.some-random-company.com or similar!
See also our FAQ section (Where can I find the claimed weight?)
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