Best Weight Scale's to buy ?

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by dem

If you're not in a hurry, dealextreme ( has tons of variety of cool scales for super cheap, free shipping. I've got a hanging one for weighing whole bikes, a small pocket scale for .1 gram accuracy in ultra-weenieness, and even a .1 gram 3 kg scale I use for espresso.

by Weenie

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by savechief

Welcome to a 2.5 year old thread.

markspend01 wrote:The range will send electrical desires which will provide you with a reading of your human extra fat amount.

WTF?!? Where can I get me some of those "electrical desires"?
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by PerezTurner

For bike hanging scale eBay is best and recommended store to buy anytime. Different alternative scale brands available for you to buy anytime with affordable price range.

Click here
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by liketoride

we will see how the ebay ones go i just bought a hanging scale last night for cheap.

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by edward137

vai777 wrote:Hi all,

I am looking to buy both a table top scale to weight individual parts and also a bike hanging scale like the Alpine Digital Bike Scale. May I ask for recommendations
of which are the most accurate and the ones most recommended by everyone.

How accurate do they have to be ? - I'd like to buy something like the mechanics use in the pro tour.


In my opinion you can buy table top scale that would be the best among both.....

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by bellydikson

I bought etekcity body weight scales from amazon. it is accurate.

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