Mavic CCU sticker removal?

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by gb103

Hi, can the "cosmic " sticker and the little yellow sticker be easily peeled off the rim, so it looks like the earlier mavic ccu as few years ago.

Many thanks.

by Weenie

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by fa63

I peeled the stickers off of my Cosmic Carbone SL very easily, I am sure they will come off of the CCU easily as well.

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by OwenJames


I replaced the white stickers on my CCSR wheels with red ones, and did notice they were pretty tough to remove; I had to do it very slowly to prevent leaving residue. Once done, I cleaned them up with acetone.

Just take your time and don't expect it to be a quick job, and you will be fine.

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Frankie - B
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by Frankie - B

Heat them a bit with a hair dryer.
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by NiFTY

I peeled some off my CC SRs very easily. Then my girlfreind spent 4 hours using orange oil to remove the residual glue. I like this strategy.
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by Weenie

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by Snugship0

Heat with the hair dryer worked a dream thanks

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