Best Brake Pads for Zipp 303 carbon tubular wheelset

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by tetonrider

theremery wrote:WOW!!!
I just followed the link to Zipps brake pad "help sheet"
Congrats Zipp. That is possibly the most retarded thing I've read recently. You have not got a sh!t show in hell of being sure you've removed all those Alu shards from the pads by "Filing, sanding and picking".
$65 pads or $1500 for replacement rims.....Hmmmmmm :unbelievable:
What respect I had for Zipp as a company just took a mighty big hit just then.

this is a pretty rude post. waldo comes on here -- he doesn't have to -- and gives us some great information.

one CAN pick out aluminum shards or shave a pad, if necessary. zipp suggests methods to remove shards but states that one should NOT use a pad with shards in it. if the user cannot remove shards and decides to run it anyway, it is their own fault.

replacement rims don't cost $1,500, anyway.

judging a company on one bit of info on the website is silly.

Posts: 92
Joined: Wed Oct 06, 2010 3:38 am

by tetonrider

Waldo wrote:tetonrider, I also like the old black carbon pads. Wear isn't much of an issue in the midwest, and brakes only slow you down anyways. :beerchug:

thanks, waldo. appreciate your contributions to the forum.

by Weenie

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