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by audiophilitis

Does the Gen III have the updated graphics, i.e., Lightweight on one end and Meilenstein in black on the other?

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by konky

Yes you can buy the Gen III with updated graphics. I think all online web shops are still showing the Gen III, mostly with the new graphics.

by Weenie

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by poppiholla

Is it possible to use a Meilenstein clincher 20/20 version IV MY2013 with the sram Wifli system? That means long cage red derailleur and 12-32 cassette for climbing some serious steeb mountains?

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by audiophilitis

Thanks, Konky. So is the rim depth (50mm versus 47.5) the only difference between Gen 3 and Gen 4 Meilensteins?

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by konky

According to Lightweight the Gen IV Meilenstein has a new carbon layup making them stiffer, stronger and more durable than the Gen III. Also more aero and better braking surface so they say.

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by sungod

can't see why it would be an issue, a standard sram rd works fine, the wifli one should too

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by elfuinha

CarbonSportsGmbH wrote:
HammerTime2 wrote:Is there going to be a Gen. IV GIPFELSTURM? If so, what will be the differences from the Gen. III GIPFELSTURM?

Please be patient for some more days, as we don't want to post all news before Eurobike...

Ulle wrote:"The Meilenstein gets an upgraded brake track using similar tech that the clincher received earlier this year. The carbon layup and resin mix was changed to improved heat tolerance." from the Bike Rumor article....
Can You confirm that?
Will be used the same brake track available as optional/upgrade this year or another technical solution?
Thanks :beerchug:

MY2013 Meilenstein T is a complete new construction based on the former "Standard" shape. The heat resistance and brake performace will be the same as for Meilenstein C, so will be the shape of the rim (47,5mm).

WeightySteve wrote:Is there a MY2013 Meilenstein (C) on the way too, or is the current Meilenstein (C) ( which is <=> December 2011 onwards Standard III C's ) the latest gen clincher for the forseeable future?
I ask because Bikerumor says MY2013's will support 11s, but no news (that I have seen) about current wheels supporting (or accepting new freehub bodies to accept) CS 9000 cassettes.

All Lightweight rear wheels will be compatible to Shimano 11s. The new production has modified hubs, and there will be new DT freehub bodies (marked as 11s). Four different combinatins wiil be possible:
  • 10s wheel + 10s freehub body => 130mm wide, the well known setting up to now
  • 10s wheel + 11s freehub body => 131mm, wheel is 0,5mm off center to the left, when using 21t or 23t cassettes derailler may contact spokes (only with sprint rear wheel)
  • 11s wheel + 10s freehub body => 131mm, wheel is 0,5mm off center to the right
  • 11s wheel + 11s freehub body => 131mm (spacer needed to use 10s cassettes here, spacer is part of purchased parts package)

This is a mail that i send Lightweight, and i'm waiting for a solution, i hope i don't have to send the rear Wheel Back.


I Just Bought a New Set of a Lightweight Meilenstein Tubular GEN 4 with Campagnolo 11Speed free wheel, with serial number in registration on the mails above, but I have a big problem.

My problem is:

1 - the Rear derailleur is all set but I have a problem with two of the Spokes of the Rear Wheel that are less than a (1mm limit distance seen on the manual) from the Rear derailleur back plate, they pass really, really close, all the other spokes are 1mm or more way but not this two, they are more pulled to the plate.

2 – my setup is Campagnolo Super Record mechanical, with 11-25 cassette.

3 – This wheels replace a Mavic CCU, that I still have because of this problem that didn’t have the same problem, and I used a Fyberlite Carbon rear plate that is thicker than the original one that is in the bike now because of the .

4 – now I can’t use the full length of my 11 speed cassette on high hills, worrying that the derailleur may hit one of these wheel spoke and brake them.

5 - I weight about 82kg on the bike so it will touch the plate for shore, when power are applied.

How can we solve this.????? What is your solution."

i will inform as soon as Lightweight answers.

Regarding this Problem, These are the best wheels i've ever riden, and i'm coming from Mavic CCU, and already had ENVE 45 with Carbon-ti Hubs, previous to the Mavics.

Note: with the Same tubulars Veloflex extreme the Lightweights are more stiffer Lateral, but more confortable Vertical VS Mavic CCU.

Information: About the stiffness the new layout is more stiff in 20/20 than Gen3, and the rear wheel as 53NM latereal stiffness witch is less 1NM than the Sprint Version 24 Spokes, that is reason them don't make 24 spokes in Gen 4.

Best Regards

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