Lightweight Meilenstein tubular wheels

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by sungod

i just packed them for a trip, i'll try to remember to take a picture when i arrive

btw i've noticed on the lw website they show them with the 'black on black" big meilenstein obermayer lettering as well as the white lightweight script logo, so presumably the styling has been updated to match the other wheels

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by Lig

I think what we are talking about here is having the 'traditional' font in all black...



by Weenie

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by bura


I was talking about the LIGHTWEIGHT logo as big as on the new Obermeyer line.See below.
And instead of Heinz Obermeyer's signature today there was a same sized Lightweight logo . So they had only two tiny Lightweight stickers on each side in previous years. Even one Lightweight sticker would have been enough IMO.

Today the Lightweight letters are bigger and the king sized MEILENSTEIN and FERNWEG though in black are topping it. :oops:
I am not discussing these tasteless gold spokes of current Obermeyer edition. :(

Kuota Kom Evo
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by Lig

Hi Bura,

So you say that the 'lightweight' logo was made larger? The one in your shot of the Obermeyer looks smaller if anything, but what you are saying is it was the size of the HO signature?

I think I did see this but it was the traditional 4x logos on each side but larger than the ones on the images on my wheels...

Anyhow..... I would like to see some of the 'new' logos in the 'carbon' before deciding. I do like the traditional but then things do move on.......At least the Meilenstein and other new logos are black with the 'lightweight' logo small and in white.


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