Campy Super Record Brakes (Rear Dual Pivot or Normal)

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by JWolf

I am building a BMC IMPEC (all Campagnolo). I have a Colnago M10 Super Record 11s with the Rear Dual Pivot brake option, and I am debating using the standard (single) Super Record Rear Brake on my IMPEC. I have had very good results on the M10 - great brakes - but assume the standard rear is typical great Campagnolo and should save me some weight and look kinda cool on the bike.

I do know the single is a bit tougher to center because its not a solid once mounted on the bike (has some wiggle) - but it's the rear and I have similar issues with my THM Fibula and once set well they work fine.

Any thoughts?


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by sawyer

Minor decision, but I'd go with whatever stays centred the best. Rear braking power above a certain point (i.e. enough to help out spreading the heat on long mountain descents) is a non-issue.
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by Weenie

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by BobSantini

The single pivot gets props for modulation and its a tiny bit lighter. Of course if they were the only criteria you'd get an EE.
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by c50jim

I've always preferred the single pivot because you really don't need as much braking power on the back with the forward weight bias of a bike, particularly in a hard stop.

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by bikewithnoname

I went single pivot on the rear, a bit lighter, more than enough stopping power, just as easy to centre and doesn't look as clunky
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by Calnago

My vote goes to the dual pivot. When Campagnolo went to the single pivot it saved a bit of weight and the marketers decided that in lieu of hyping sheer braking power they would hype the "better modulation" aspect. I was using their dual pivots before that, then used the single pivot again until they came out with the dual pivot once again. Despite the marketing line, I feel that modulation is better with the dual pivot. Why? Because it simply operates more smoothly and evenly. Modulation comes primarily from the rider and the smoothness of brake operation. The dual pivot is easier to, and stays centered better than the single pivot as well. And it is buttery smooth in operation. These things are more important to me than a few grams.

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by JWolf

I just installed the single. Have both sets - removed the dual from my CA to install the Fibula. The single does wiggle - one spring - but I think it should center ok. The dual is locked and never moves which is nice - but I like the look of the different brake in the back. Brake is "prettier". Has anyone done or seen 2 singles. That would have been a cool option for my lightweight CA instead of the Fibula maybe.

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by Calnago

They both work fine so can't fault your decision. "Pretty" counts. I understand.

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by imageking

if you keep your kit for a short while or hardly use it, single pivot

But if like me when some new latest groupset comes along you buy install on your best bike, then move that older hardware down the bikes over years I've found the dual pivot just keep on working. record ones from 2004 or 2005 on my old winter bike work like new
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by reggiebaseball

I prefer the aesthetics of the single pivot, and do find it less likely to lock up in panic stops. I think this is a big plus.

The dual pivot is easy to center by hand in a pinch, just wiggle it.
While the single pivot is a bit trickier to set up the first time, but seems to stay put after that.

Either will be great. I think you should get the single pivot just so you have first hand experience with both - it will not impact your riding experience much.

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by Irish

220lbs using single pivot on the back and naver an issue with braking or centering, great breaks that just keep on working year after year.

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by JWolf

Thanks all. Single is on for now and bike should be finished next week.

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by ticou

I have a single on the back;Campy say's it avoids lock up, and their right.

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by incognitus

+1 on single pivot. Modulation is good enough, and power a non-issue.

by Weenie

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by em3

Single Pivot, great modulation and more then enough power. Easy set up and when centered correctly (using a flat wrench, old school method) will permanently stay centered.

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