Bib Tights for warmer climate?

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by shotgun

Hi Guys,

I'm currently searching online for options on full leg cycling bibs that aren't cold for cold weather. I'm trying to avoid sun exposure for shortish rides (sub 3 hours) in the mornings. Any suggestions $250 or below would be greatly appreciated.

by Weenie

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by HillRPete

What about leg warmers? They can be had in many different insulation grades.

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by nathanong87

wear some soccer socks. they can go up past the knees. kinda joking. kinda serious.

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by NealH

Several companies now make leg "coolers", which are specifically made for full coverage hot weather riding. Desoto comes to mind and the attached link shows their leg coolers. I use their arm coolers and they work fine.

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by shotgun

Thanks for the replies. Of course I never bothered to google leg coolers. Aside from DeSoto, Voler apparently have them as well.

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by kevinkalis


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by Weenie

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by monkeyburger

These look comfy...


Sorry, couldn't resist :mrgreen: . seriously though, check these out

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