Some advise needed on Quarq + SRAM S975 Power Meter

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by drmutley

Roark wrote:
drmutley wrote:Why do u want to go 177.5?

Well, traditionally people used longer cranks for taller people... I've read a couple of articles saying that this no longer holds, I didn't know that...

Is anyone running SRAM S975 cranks with SRAM Red chainrings with Di2 FD? Should it work? Flawlessly?

I have already discarded buying the Mercury spider (with Red 2012 crankset + rings) based largely on price, but if old Red chainrings + S975 cranks work FINE with Di2 I think I won't be able to hold the trigger any longer...

I use my quarq with red rings and it works fine... I can't compare with the standard 175mm DA crank as I removed it to go back to 172.5s (I'm 186cm)... Up shifts and down shifts are better than mechanical 7900 with the DA crank, but that's obviously due to the Di2

My gut feeling is the DA crank would be better, but front shifting with the SRAM rings is more than fine for me, and I'm fussy as...

by Weenie

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