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Enda Marron
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by Enda Marron

Quick question:
Any advice for CX shoes, I have large feet 11 1/2 (46-47)
I know that it will be largely down to personal choice but are there any brands/models to avoid, that are extra good, what should I look for, what should I look out for
Any advice gratefully received

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by tri

Something with a wide heel "big" base. So that you can walk and run in them without twisting your ankles. Something my old Sidis didn't have.

Something other that I myself like on a shoe is the BOA-lacing system. I you want brands I'd check out Specialized, Lake and Scott.

by Weenie

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by ldamelio

Also avoid super rigid carbon soles, as they're hard to run in, especially up steps / hill. I've had good luck with the mid - level Shimano shoes (M 150 I think) over the last few years.

Enda Marron
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by Enda Marron

I bought a pair of Mavic Razors, I got them at a great price in a LBS (not Chain Reaction!!) but not my LBS as he did not have any in my size.
The shoes are a "tidy fit" with a double pair.
I hope that they meet with approval
Thanks for the advice :beerchug:

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by mcatano

I just bought the giro gauge shoes, and I'm quite happy with them so far. They have a fairly stiff easton ec70 carbon sole which puts it one step below the code shoe, which has the ec90 sole. They fit slightly wider than my old sidi dominators and I like the increased stiffness. There's not a lot of running in Chicago-area courses, so I haven't felt disadvantaged for not having more flex in the sole. That said, giro is coming out with a less expensive model - the privateer - which looks like it'd be a great choice for cx.

I have a pair of the adidas razors, which look almost identical to the mavic version and while they're great commuting shoes I found the soles way too flexy for my tastes.

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by nitropowered

I love my Mavic Fury. The sole is stiff enough for riding, but soft enough to run. I have had my current pair for 3 seasons. Can probably go another season or two before buying a new pari

I also had shimano m225s. I did not like them as much. They are heavy and feel very large and clunky.

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by Rich_W

+ 1 on Mavic Fury. They are light, have a soft and roomy toe box and I find them comfortable/stable to run in. Work great with XTR SPDs.

The yellow ones clean up like new if you spray them with citrus degreaser and power wash them off.

by Weenie

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