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by JKolmo

Whhooaa, what a killer!! Please don't forget to ride it. Jesus, I love the finish on that frame, and it's traditional too...

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by maxxevv

Maybe its just me .. but I do think a bike of this size, in equivlent 56'S or 58'S would actually look better ? :noidea:

by Weenie

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by eurperg

maxxevv wrote:Maybe its just me .. but I do think a bike of this size, in equivlent 56'S or 58'S would actually look better ? :noidea:

No way... I think sloping looks better only in small frames, sizes 42s - 48s. In those sizes the sloping top tube actually serves a purpose.

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by Lig

Its all down to personnal taste... I agree with Maxxevv but the C59 in question in Trad does look awesome!!

heres my old 58s (62 Trad) for a visual...the slope on Colnagos really isnt that much... (any excuise to post a piccie)!!!



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by mrfish

That is a gorgeous bike. Tell me about where / how you got your top cap done as I've wanted a personalised one for ages, but only found places that would do text. PM me if you want to avoid too many copies ;-) Mine is for a Z4 / C40 so no danger of that.

The stem is great as well.

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Tinea Pedis
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by Tinea Pedis

Was worth the wait.


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by Westifer12

Great build! The stem and top cap were really a nice touch :!:
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by bomber

Exquisite... really lovely bike and well presented. Nice finishing touch with the top cap.
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by dcj9

congratulations :thumbup:
bora ultras and super record look fantastic together and i have never seen them showcased better than this.
most definately keep the logos :shock:

i am curious how this build would shape up with 6 degree sloping stem, plain dark grey soft touch Fizik tape
and the compact 3T ergosum bars.

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by bikewithnoname

Wow! Gorgeous build, lovely personal touches too.

Only 1 suggestion, you could save an easy (and cheap) 100gms on switching the campag skewers to somethign like lightwieghts, token, tune etc
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by trustbran


Damn your bike looks mean! Great build and nice personal touch to the stem cap for sure!


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by Calnago

Thanks! I'm way overdue for a followup. I've made a couple changes since the initial post so I'll post some new pics and writeup soon. In the meantime, I've been asked for pics and a writeup from another website which I'll do this week. Then I'll post an abridged version here. For those still on the long wait list for your C59's, your patience will be paid off. I can barely stop for a coffee without being bombarded with questions etc. The best is when a couple walked by and stopped to look at it. They said "we don't anything about bikes, but that looks like a good one". I said "yes, it is". Finished my coffee and rode off.

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by Pantani

Any particular reason for using a downward sloping stem?

Given that you have a relatively small amount of seatpost showing, it kind of looks as if you would be better with a frame one size smaller and a stem at the normal angle?
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by Calnago

It's been a couple of months since the inital build and I've made a couple changes so I thought I'd describe them and post a final picture of the bike in it's final dialed in state and how I expect it to stay for quite some time.

Changes made from the inital build:

1) Saddle: In the end I switched back to my favorite shaped saddle, the Selle Italia SLR. They don't make the SLR Team Edition (which I have on my other bike) in black, so I opted for the 2011 SLR Kit Carbonio. Doesn't seem to be quite as well constructed as the Team Edition but the dimensions are the same as my Team Edition and its shape is working out just fine for me. Tried a San Marco Regale FX Carbon for a few days but just didn't really warm up to it. So, back to what works for me, and as luck would have it the 2011 version actually matches the bike and finishing kit perfectly.

2) Pedals: Ever since the LOOK Keo Carbon Ti Blades came out I've thought they were the coolest looking pedal available. But I've always ran Shimano Dura-Ace on all my bikes. So, the decision to go with the Blades on this build was strictly lust and they just seemed to match the finish of the bike so well too. Plus, I've always wanted to at least try the LOOKS. But here's the rub. I often stop to get off the bike on rides for coffee, lunch, whatever. I enjoy that. And for walking off the bike, the Dura-Ace cleats are just better imo. Tried both versions of the Look cleat and one is great for walking the other is great for riding. And I hate carrying around the cleat covers and putting them on and off all the time. At least not if I don't have to, and I don't with the Dura-Ace so that's the way it ended up.

3) Cassette: Normally running an 11/25 versus the 11/23 that was on the original build.

4) BarTape: Six of one, half a dozen of the other. Wanted to see what plain black would like like so changed it. Might switch back next time. Like changing socks... no big deal.

As for any changes in weight, none really. The Dura-Ace pedals are heavier than the Looks but the SLR Saddle is lighter than the Prologo I originally had on there.

Final weight: 6.8kg 15.0lbs
and here's how it looks now...


So that's about it. I love everything about it.

And now I think I'll answer all the questions and comments that were raised during the week or so after the initial post. Sorry for the big delay.

by Weenie

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by Calnago

RudeE wrote:I want to do nasty things to that bike.

Everyone does!

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