Women trainning + period

A light bike doesn't replace good fitness.

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by Geoff

Yeah, maybe I'll shut-up now... :oops:

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by dereksmalls

Maybe Geoff meant "my friend who just happens to be a girl. At least she was the last time I checked"

One of my friends who trained pretty hard for tris etc basically said she used contraception to deal with that so she didn't have to worry. I remember her saying to me once "I haven't had a period for about 5 years. It's great!" I think she may have also been oligomenorrheac as well due to how lean she was and how much she trained.

by Weenie

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by Geoff

No, the wife is more resistant to 'the time'. The girlfriend is brutal. She bailed on dinner last night because of 'it'.

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by devinci

im getting confused with all the girlfriend and wife stuff guys

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by shadwell

It's not at all confusing.....
You f$ck the girlfriend.... Wife finds out and f&cks you...
You give everything to wife....
You leave the country and move to the gold coast in oz.....

You live happy ever after until new girlfriend becomes wife....

Now it's confusing.... Do I repeat?.......

Your on your own with that one.......

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by Geoff

Ummmm, yeah. The point is that it is very specific to the individual. Some people can train almost as normal, where for others it is a very distracting time and 'even' yoga is a problem (not belittling how hard yoga is at that level, it is just a different type of effort than MAP Intervals).

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by artray

musket wrote:Most women pro's I have worked with have used contraceptives to manipulate / avoid their periods to suit. As I understand it, this does not present a medical issue if used short term (months).

thats crazy ,,you dont start manipulating your body to that extent ,it could cause all sorts of issues ,,,,im a man and i know this ,if you go this far better make sure that olympic gold is worth it

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