What is everyone weighing in at?

A light bike doesn't replace good fitness.

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by Leon

tochnics wrote:you guys are skinny and dont need light bikes :twisted:

28 years
85kg (coming back from 91kg)

i am not fat or big at all
in my book kind of small compared to some mates
i am geussing that when i weigh 75 i will ride a lot faster
but without a supermodel eating disorder i will never get there
does everybody here ride 400km a week and eat only peanuts ore something ?

Same here!

33 years
78kg (coming from 81kg)

Have to get back to 75 at least before riding the Alps end of may! I think 70 kilo's would be a nice weight for my lenght...... :oops:
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by Amadeus

My numbers from a test 15 February 2009

Age 43 years young (almost 44…. and counting)

Length 192cm (just 6.2 feet)

Weight: 95kg (209,4 Lbs).
Coming back from 122kg – 268Lbs……..as a racer in the ‘80-s I weighed <75kg

17% body fat (that will be <12% in summer)

4,8 watt / kg at MLSS (Maximum Lactate Steady State)
Maximum = 515 watt in a 15 watt per minute test-protocol on the ergo-meter

In this summer I will be just <90kg and maximum wattage will be a bit more…..
My bike is Italian so it is Nervosa and of course has Anorexia I like them thin!
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by Weenie

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by mattr

tochnics wrote:i am geussing that when i weigh 75 i will ride a lot faster
but without a supermodel eating disorder i will never get there
does everybody here ride 400km a week and eat only peanuts ore something ?

You just build up to it, i used to eat like a horse, double portions for every meal, snacks and sweets all the time. Couldn't get over 60 kilos (at 175cm). Intervals, weights, XC training, road racing.........

As soon as i stopped training (and probably halved my food intake!) i put on over 20 kilos.

Now i just have to get back to training 15 hours a week. :?

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by justgoing

40 years OLD
145 lbs

It real hard to believe that when I was racing in my 20's I weighed between 127-132lbs.

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by thomasali

121.25 pounds or 55kg, I am 5'8" or about 177cm. 26 years old and I have been 54-55kg for a fair few years now, can't seem to build myself up, I am down on power compared to my mates but climbing is pretty much effortless.

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by jediknights

6ft 3in 185 winter time 180 race season.
built to much for sprinting and tt.
no mater how i diet i get so much weaker below 180

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by Juanmoretime

I guess I'll play too.

Age: 52
Height: 6' or 183cm
Weight 157 lbs or 72kg

Always maintain less than 10% body fat.

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by Murphs

Age: 21
Height: 184cm
Weight: 77-78kg (down from 86-87kg this time last year)

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Tinea Pedis
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by Tinea Pedis

Murphs = me.

Albeit 1cm shorter :P

Cannot wait for summer and see what I drop to once I can consistently put 250+km on the road each week!

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by LouisN

42 yrs old


summer: 170-175 lbs (trying on going 167-168 this summer)

winter: 185-193 lbs (that's after new year's twentieth party (puff pastry festival!!!Mmmmhhhhhh1! fat!!mmmmhmhm!!! suuuugggaaarrr!!!!!!!)

Louis :)

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by 743power


This time last year I was hovering between 150 and 155lbs. Right now my power is way higher than this time last year and I can hang with the guys with monster legs on the flats. I think I can comfortably lose 5lbs of fat by the end of the season and hold onto that weight for awhile.
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by sakic


Age: 36
Height: 195cm
Weight: 103kg

I was about 189-190 cm when I was 14 years old, don't know the weight, but not much.

Everyone is shocked when I tell them the weight. Most think very high 80's or low 90's, not low 100's, my legs are rubbing the clear coat of the isp on my look 595 :lol:

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by Roobay

OK here goes
Age 49 (50 in November)
Height 192 cm
Weight 99 kgs

been down to 88 kgs lost all my power but enjoyed climbing more
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by ExtraBeno

Age 20
Height: 181cm
Weight: 61kg up from 54kg this time last year. Its hard to believe but i now go even faster up hills

by Weenie

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by LouisRooney

Age 25
height 185cm
Weight 76.5kg (down from 85kgs)

hills are not my friends

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