Knee problems

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by rfulchiron

I was just told about this site today, thought i would give it a shot, as i have seen a few physical therpist and they don't seem to know anything about cycling. I have been riding my road bike since april 2006, i ride for about 3 hours each weekend. For the last month i have been having pain on the inside of my knee when i ride, to try and explain where it is, if you trace a line from your ankle up to the knee, the pain is on that line across from the knee cap. i can also feel it a bit going up into my quad. I have just changed pedals to only have 4 degrees of flow to see if a more rigid set up would help, the pain was still there today when i went on my ride. Any words of adivse would be greatly appreciated or if you know of someone in the London area who could inform me on the best way to set up the bike that would be much appreciated. Cheers

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by LJ

Hi there and welcome to the forum. This perhaps might have been better posted in the "training" section.

In answer to your question....have you tried these guys?

by Weenie

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by record

i had a problem with my knee when it was cold, after 0,5h i had a big pain in knee. Try to use some knee warmers, maybe this would help.

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by NS

Sounds like an imbalance in your muscles, then again a physio should recognise this if it is the case. I had a similar problem a couple of years ago and some simple exercises sorted it. Hope this is the case and you get it sorted

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by mrowkoob

A little reading material to help you on the way to recovery. ... colson.pdf
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by smithy1.0

Have you changed your cranks/pedals recently? I have a very similar problem and it is caused when I ride cranks with too high a Q-factor.
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by Weenie

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by no_legs

Another page on a biking site that is related to cranks and comfort:

I don't have knee pain while biking, despite formerly being a hurdler. I *do* feel pain in the hip of the leg I used to land on, however.

If you can't manage to change your cranks in susch a way as to eliminate the knee pain, you might look to any other possible causes of pain - medical causes, or causes from any high-impact activities you are involved in.

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