Any Zwift Tech Ninjas out there: Losing signal so many times Im gonna go postal

A light bike doesn't replace good fitness.

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by mattr

Not really.

Just a nice shiny new toy....... which is always good.
I only upgraded mine for higher speeds on the home network. The old one would have worked fine as far as the actual internet went

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by alcatraz

Reduce the 2.4GHz interference. Get a good router and connect when possible with ethernet cable/5GHz wifi.

If your trainer only works with bluetooth then try using a modern (bt4.0+) blutooth dongle on a usb extension cord so you can place it close to the trainer or where your devices with issues are.

Use ant+ where possible because that protocol doesn't require as much overhead as it's not lossless. I'm bad at the terminology but you get the picture. Ant broadcasts even if nothing is listening.

Stay off 2.4GHz wifi + bluetooth as much as possible. That applies to anything in the room or the next room.


by Weenie

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