Smart trainer and the available app choices

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by dgasmd

OK. So as I embark on starting to use the KICKR I just bought, I am a bit overwhelmed with all the different apps available. From briefly looking at Sufferfest, it seems that it is well structured enough (for non-racer me at least) workouts.

1. It pairs the trainer to the app on my phone, but what I am yet to see is how do I pair it all to the laptop so I can watch on the TV screen connected to it?

2. Also, does it control the trainer at all?

I guess what I am after the most is an app or software with real riding videos over mountain passes, valleys, etc that controls the trainer to replicate the road conditions in the video. Is there such thing and what is it? Can it be done via a MAC laptop to connect to the TV screen?


by Weenie

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by motorthings

give Zwift a is not real riding videos, but provides a lot more interest and interaction that you won't get from a pure pre-recorded video.

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by chipomarc

I'm really impressed with Rouvy

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by dgasmd

chipomarc wrote:I'm really impressed with Rouvy

Why is that? Can you elaborate?

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by dgasmd

First impressions on the KICKR and SufferLandia after the final set up.:

1. First off, Campy or Chitmano free hub, regardless of cassette or drivetrain on your bike, this all works just the same. The one sentence I wish somebody had told me was that because the kicker sets the resistance you won’t be shifting gears anyway. At least not much!!!

2. The level of noise is about 1/2 of what it was with that Lemond trainer. But is even accounting for a louder second larger fan being on.

3. SufferLandia and MAC computers don’t play well at all. Works best on a compatible/newer iPad or iPhone. After about $80 worth of adaptor cables I was able to mirror the iPhone to the big screen. Great resolution and everything works. Wished I had bought a 12 Ft hdmi cable instead of 4 ft so I can reach the phone from the bike!

4. SufferLandia and I will develop a truthfully hateful relationship. They don’t lie when they say suffering or picked the name, and for some poggie guy with no talent like myself it will bring it to a whole new level. Now I have every metric and scenery possible screaming at every second: YOU SUUUUUCKK!!!!

5. Love the several week program structures in the app. Not sure how good they are as I’ve never been on a structured program or had coaching before, but love the being able to follow something objectively and stick to a plan/routine. The key will be sticking to it given my schedules.

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by glepore

You won't shift much using erg style workouts, where the trainer sets the resistance based on wattage. At least until you death spiral

If you use videos that set resistance based on grade, then you'll shift just like on the road.
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by jfranci3

I've been trying to use an Elite Smart Digital Mag B+. I've had the following issues with the onboard speed sensor.
1) It is reading 10x speed or so. Support says to calibrate wheel size with ANT+ unit.
2) Wahoo doesn't support any trainers but their own.
3) You can calibrate the trainer with an iOS app, but the unit seems to go to full resistance during 10min warm up, then it is impossible to hold units required 12.5 mph (see #1)
4) For PC based Zwift, you don't need the speed sensor. The Elite power unit is reading 25% higher than my P2M PM. I think you can write in the power calibration numbers if you want.
5) Elite support is useless.
6) Unit isn't super stable.

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by joelewis

AJS914, thanx for that useful link!
In comparison with other online offers this site is the best! thanx a lot to administrators and members of it

by Weenie

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